EKM - Configure Channel Settings

Linnworks integration has multiple settings that allow detailed control of how Linnworks interacts with EKM. This guide will help you to configure your EKM channel to make sure Linnworks is doing what is required.

Once the channel is added click on the pen icon in the channel integration screen for the required EKM integration.

EKM 5 new

Available for the configuration options:


  • Enabled: tick this option to allow communication between Linnworks and EKM, without this ticked no information will be sent to EKM or received from EKM.
  • Test: use to confirm the supplied credentials work correctly allowing communication between EKM and Linnworks.
  • Reauthorise: this button will trigger the reauthorisation of your account if it is required. 

EKM Order Settings

  • Currency: all orders downloaded will use this as the currency.
  • Despatch Notes: after processing order in Linnworks a despatch notification will be sent to the channel. When the option is disabled no despatch information will be submitted to EKM. Please Note! Linnworks order status Shipped must be also mapped, otherwise, the system will not be able to send despatch notification.
  • Cancellation notes: Linnworks will send order cancellation notes to your sales channel once the order is fully cancelled.
  • Download Unpaid Orders: tick this option if you would like to download unpaid orders. 
  • Use EKM tax settings: enable to use EKM  tax settings for order tax calculations. If unticked, Linnworks tax settings will be used instead.
  • Order Status Mapping: EKM use a number of different order status' that can be mapped to different Linnworks order status'
    • Status' with a Linnworks mapping of Unmapped will not be downloaded into Linnworks unless they have been marked as paid by EKM.
    • Further information about order status mapping can be found here.
  • Order Sync Date [UTC]: this shows the date and time from the EKM order attribute "OrderDateISO", in the latest order downloaded into Linnworks during the most recent synchronisation.


  • Update Inventory: update stock levels (inventory levels) on your sales channel to keep in line with stock levels specified in Linnworks.
  • Max Listed: This specifies the maximum level that will be sent to the channel
  • Stock Percentage: This will send a percentage of the currently available stock level to the sales channel
  • End When: This enables you to force the listing to end when the stock level gets to the specified amount as opposed to the default value of zero
    • For more details go to the End When guide. 


  • Price Change: price change is designed to speed up the process of updating the sales channel once a Linnworks stock item has had its listing price updated and saved

EKM 10

Linnworks.net is designed to regularly update the listings on the mapping page, this section gives further information about when listings were last fetched or are due to be fetched.

  • Listing Download in Progress: this tick box will tick itself if a Listing Update has begun.
  • Listing Download Start Time: this will show the date and time of when the update has begun last.
  • Listing download completion time: the time when last listing download was completed (launched via "Download listings" button).
  • Listing download estimated completion: the estimated time the currently running listing download will finish.

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