Back Market - Rules and Guidelines

This page has specific advice that is important to know when using Back Market with Linnworks that is important to know to ensure that 2 platforms work well together.

Order Cancelation

Back Market orders can be cancelled automatically on Back Market by cancelling them in Linnworks. This works much the same as cancelling an order on any other channel with an exception - on Back Market, it is possible to cancel an order line. 

To cancel the order line:

  1. Split your Back Market order such that order items that should be cancelled are split into a separate order.
  2. Amend shipping cost in both original and split out orders accordingly, as Linnworks calculates shipping per order and not order item line.
  3. Split shipping cost will have to be decreased in the original order and increased in split out order accordingly.


Back Market integration with Linnworks allows you to create complete or partial refunds for orders. When a refund is actioned in Linnworks, a new refund will be automatically created and processed on  Back Market under the assumption that 'Order Refund' is enabled when configuring the channel.

To issue a refund for Back Market Integration:

  1. Go to Order Book > Process Orders and Search the order to be refunded.
  2. Right-click on the order > click Actions > Refunds.
  3. Only one item can be refunded at a time. Select the item and click the + Add Refund button.
  4. A reason must be selected from the drop-down button menu and the amount must be completed.
  5. Click Add to complete the process. Once the changes are saved the refund is created in Linnworks and a window will pop up indicating if the refund was successfully applied with a link to view the refund history.

Please Note! Shipping charge cannot be refunded via Linnworks and shipping line is disabled in the Refunds window. Shipping charge refund can be done only on the Back Market backend.

Remember, once you have logged a Refund, it will appear on the Returns Refunds screen. Remember, if you do not action this refund, it will not appear in any refund-related reports neither will such refund request be sent to the channel.

Delivery Notes

Delivery notes can be printed either from Back Market directly or you can use Linnworks templates under Template Designer > Invoice Template and print from Linnworks.

When you integrate BackMarket channel to Linnworks, 5 Invoice Templates for FR, DE, IT, ES and ENG get automatically created in your Linnworks Template Designer > Invoice Template.

If you would like to print delivery notes for Back Market orders from Linnworks, please use these templates as their format, as well as text, have been approved by Back Market.
Please Note! Before you can start using these templates, you have to slightly amend them. Please see the instructions below:
  1. In the template, you will see "YOUR COMPANY NAME" (3 occurrences) which will need to be replaced with your actual company name (3 occurrences).
  2. Please replace "DATE WHEN YOUR COMPANY OFFICIALLY BECAME LIVE ON BACKMARKET IN FORMAT MONTH YEAR(E.G. DECEMBER 2018)." (1 occurrence) with the actual date as well.
  3. In order for the Back Market order ID to be populated on the template, please double click on the box in which in FR template is written "Commande n°", in DE template it is written as "Bestellung Nr." etc. The Edit Label window will open where you will see the following formula:
     EVAL{BEGIN}IIF[contains["bm-",[{SecondaryReference}]], Replace[[{SecondaryReference}],"bm-",""], ""]{END}

This formula means that if SecondaryReference contains "bm-", then "bm-" will be stripped out and the rest of the SecondaryReference will be displayed on the template.

  • If your Back Market FR orders were prefixed with "bm-", then you would have to leave this formula as is. In this case, if your Back Market order ID 205894893 had SecondaryReference in Linnworks as bm-205894893, then in the template it would show as 205894893.
  • If you FR orders had a prefix of "bmFR", then you would need to replace "bm-" in the template (2 occurrences) with "bmFR".
  • If your orders that are downloaded from Back Market do not have any prefix, then please remove the formula and use only tag [{SecondaryReference}]] without the formula. You can see the prefix either on Linnworks orders or in Settings > Channel Integration > Edit Channel Settings screen of the FR channel integration screen and in Order section see Order Prefix.