FBA Listings

In this guide, you will find answers to the most common questions explaining how Linnworks manages FBA listings.

What is an FBA listing?

An FBA listing is an Amazon listing that is flagged as being fulfilled by Amazon by default. This means that all orders for that listing will automatically be sent to Amazon for processing without you having to inform Amazon of the order.

How does Linnworks know that a listing is an FBA listing?

Linnworks can check the status of the Listing on Amazon. If the listing is FBA then this will be shown on the Mapping screen for the channel, as a check in the ‘FBA’ column next to the listing.

How do I change the Fulfilment of a Listing in Linnworks?

You can add an extended property to your stock item, and then map it to the ‘fulfilment-center-id’ attribute in an Amazon configurator. Linnworks will pick up the value of this extended property and use it to change the status of the listing.
fba4 v3


The value of this extended property should be as follows:

DEFAULT - FBM product
AMAZON_AU - Australia
AMAZON_NA - North America
AMAZON_EU - European Union
AMAZON_CA - Canada

This is a change made in both the Stock item and the listings configurator. If the listing was not created by Linnworks, then it won’t have a configurator, and this method will not work.


NOTE: Sellers in the North American, European Union, and India marketplaces who attempt to convert a listing to Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) will need to provide additional information on any products that are batteries, contain or are sold with batteries, or maybe considered dangerous goods (hazardous materials or Hazmat). 

  • For batteries and products containing or sold with batteries - Sellers will be asked for descriptive characteristics such as battery composition (e.g., lithium-ion, alkaline, etc.) and the number of batteries
  • For products considered dangerous goods - Sellers will be required to provide additional information to identify characteristics of the product such as flammability or corrosiveness that would indicate the transportation classification (UN Number).

For more information, see Dangerous goods identification guide (login needed)

Why did my listing automatically change from FBA to FBM?

This is usually because Linnworks was allowed to submit stock levels to that listing. When this happens, Amazon assumes that you have taken control over the stock level of this listing, and you are now fulfilling its orders. All FBA listings must have Ignore Sync option ticked, in this case, Linnworks will not be sending stock levels to Amazon.


How can I stop Linnworks from updating the stock level of an FBA listing?

By default, all FBA listings will also be set to be ignored by Linnworks when synchronising Inventory. This is shown by the Ignore Sync setting in the mapping screen.