FBA Inventory

In this guide, we gathered some of the most common questions about FBA Inventory and how it works with Linnworks. 

How does Linnworks Synchronise stock levels with FBA?

When using FBA, Amazon is in control over the stock levels for the stock they are holding. This means that Linnworks cannot accurately track the physical levels itself. Instead, Linnworks requests the up to date stock levels from Amazon and keeps a log of them.

For Linnworks to request stock levels from FBA, the Inventory Sync option needs to be checked in the Edit Channel screen.

Where In Linnworks are FBA stock levels recorded?

When you enable an Amazon channel for FBA, Linnworks will automatically create a new location in Linnworks to store FBA stock levels. The location will be the Amazon integration’s Subsource name, suffixed by the letters FBA.

Can I use FBA stock levels to revise non-FBA listings?

Because Linnworks creates a new location for FBA stock levels, this location can be enabled in other channel configs to be used as a source of stock levels. This means that a listing on another channel that is not FBA can be revised using your FBA stock.