3dcart - Rules & Guidelines

Variation Items

Linnworks can manage Stock levels for variation items on 3dcart through SKU mapping. It is possible to set up variations such as individual sizes & colours through the Product Options on 3dcart, however, Product Options by themselves do not support SKU codes and if variations are set up only using Product Options Linnworks will not be able to control the stock level on 3dcart. 

In order to specify an SKU code for variation items on 3dcart, you must set them up using the advanced options functionality directly on your 3dcart site. Instructions on how to achieve this can be found here.

Once the advanced options have been completed you will have an SKU on 3dcart for each variation child that can be then downloaded and mapped into Linnworks.

Channel Tax

3dCart will allow you to use either your 3dCart channel tax, that you have set for your channel or Linnwork taxes when orders are downloaded into Linnworks. Options will be given when configuring the channel. 

Price Update 

Price updating is not currently supported for 3dCart channel integration, therefore any price updates have to be done through your 3dCart shop. 

Next Steps