3dcart - Add New Channel Integration

This guide is a walk-through of the steps required to integrate your 3dcart account with Linnworks.

Table of Contents

Add New Channel

Quick Guide

  1. Go to Settings > Channel Integration
  2. Click Add New, select 3dcart, then click Next
  3. Enter an Account name, your Secure URL, and select a currency, then click Next
  4. In 3DCart, go to Modules > REST API to add the public key for Linnworks
  5. Click Authorise
  6. In Linnworks click Finish

Detailed Guide

  1. Go to Settings > Channel Integration
    • In Linnworks.net go to Settings on the sidebar menu and then click Channel Integration
  2. Click Add New, select 3dcart and then click Next
    • On the Channel Integration screen click the Add New button
    • Select 3dcart from the list of Channels and click Integrate
  3. Fill in your Account name, your Secure URL, and select a currency, then click Next
    • Account Name: The name of the integration in Linnworks. This can be anything you want
    • Secure URL: The URL for your 3dcart site that can be found in Settings > Store Settings at the back end of your 3dcart Shop
    • Currency: Select your channel's currency from the drop-down menu
  4. In 3DCart, go to Modules > REST API to add the public key for Linnworks
    • Using the left-hand side menu in 3DCart, select Modules
    • In the list of modules, find one called REST API, click it, then click Change Settings
    • Click the Add button enter the public key, and click add
    • Public Key: 48181259ef52a18b2ba521c0a3c17712
  5. Click Authorise
    • Clicking Authorise will validate the connection between Linnworks & 3DCart, allowing Linnworks to manage orders and stock items
  6. In Linnworks click Finish
    • You can also decide if you want Linnworks to immediately populate the mapping screen with listing data, and download any existing unprocessed orders

Next Steps