Channel Integration

Linnworks has the ability to integrate with multiple sales to take care of all elements of selling: downloading orders, updating stock levels and marking orders as despatched on your behalf. For more information on how to use sales channels, see our Key Concepts, and for details of the channels that Linnworks can integrate with, see our Integrations page.
How To Videos

Quickly learn how to get started, create listings, process orders, integrate channels and more with our step-by-step tutorials

Key Concepts

Fundamental concepts that will help to ease the understanding of channel integrations in Linnworks


A Channel is either a website platform, shopping cart, or online marketplace that you receive orders through

Inventory Mapping

Inventory mapping allows you to link items listed on a sales channel to a Linnworks SKU so that when orders are downloaded, stock updates can be sent to other sales channels

Payment Mapping

Payment Mapping allows you to assign channel payment methods to a Linnworks Payment Method to keep consistency between sales channels

Shipping Mapping

Shipping mapping allows you to assign the shipping method downloaded with an order to a Linnworks Postal Service