Quick Start Guide - The Linnworks.net Interface

This guide breaks down the layout of the Linnworks.net interface to cover the 3 main sections of the screen and detail the type of data that is available.

Table of Contents

 Header Bar

The header bar provides quick access to the following key pieces of information

  • - Live chat - Talk to either one of our sales or support representatives via instant messaging
  • - Sync Status - A drop down providing details related to the active synchronisation processes as well the queued for upcoming processes
  • - Notifications - A drop down providing details related to messages from the Linnworks team
  • - Feedback - This allows you to submit feedback about Linnworks.net, whether positive or negative. More information can be found here
  • - Support - This menu gives access to the Linnworks Support Centre (ticket and live chat assistance), the Training Centre, the Linnworks.net Changelog and an option to display help links throughout Linnworks.net 
  • - Settings - This menu gives quick access to the Linnworks.net default and general settings
  • - User Menu - This menu has links to Account related settings such as your Linnworks Subscription, Billing and Change Password links as well as information about your account, such as your database information.

 Side Menu

The side menu is used to navigate your way through your Linnworks. Clicking on a menu item pops out a child menu providing links to related pages. Once you click on one of these child items the relevant page is displayed in the Main Window. For example :

  • Click Inventory > My Inventory
  • The Inventory screen that is used to display all of your Linnworks stock items will be displayed in the Main Window   

 Main Window

The main window is used to display page for the selected child menu item. Multiple pages are displayed as tabs across the top of the window so that you do not need to continually return to the menu system. If a tab is no longer required to remain active it can be quickly removed by clicking the 'X' found on the right hand edge of the tab.