Setup Wizard

When opening for the first time, a setup wizard will run. This wizard asks for details about your company, in order to populate the details on Linnworks generated invoices, set up any applicable tax rates and determine what units of measurement Linnworks should use by default with your account.

Table of contents

 Company Location

The details from this page will be saved as your default company address, that is used primarily to populate company address fields in invoices.


  • UK Postcodes must include a space
  • Contact email address cannot be blank

Tax Rate Settings

This page will set the default tax rate used in Linnworks. There is more information about how this tax rate is used in the General Setings documentation. Default tax rates can be changed in the General Settings page, which can be found by going to Settings > Application Settings > General tab.

The second step of the wizard will be customised, depending on the country entered in the first step.

  United States

For customers in the United States, a home sales tax and State can be entered.

  European Union

For EU based customers, the default tax rate is set at 20% and the page will request whether your company is a VAT registered business and if so, what is the company VAT Registration Number.

  Non US/EU Customers

Non US/EU customers will be asked to set a default tax, which can be set to 0, if desired.

 Size and Weight Defaults

Linnworks can be used to store product dimensions and weights, which are often used in the calculation of shipping rates for integrated courier services or as part of listings on a sales channel. This screen allows selection of the default units of measurement that Linnworks will use.


The following values can be selected from the dropdown menu:

  • Millimeters
  • Centimeters
  • Inches


The following values can be selected from the dropdown menu:

  • Grams
  • Kilograms
  • Pounds
  • Ounces

 Set Up Tasks

This step contains checkboxes for tasks that would generally be done during your intial configuration of Linnworks. A number of sales channels are given, with tickboxes and a text box for other channels you may wish to integrate, that we do not currently have an integration with. Once you have selected those you wish to integrate, they will appear as Set Up Tasks in the Application Settings menu.

There are a number of channels that Linnworks has a direct integration with. They can be found here. If there is a channel you wish to work with, that we do not currently have an integration for, then please put this information in the text box. Our implementation team will be informed of your requirements and will be able to advice you on the viability of your requested channel.

If any tasks are selected in this step the Set Up Tasks page will be automatically opened upon completion.


  • The interface - The layout of the interface, covering the 3 main sections of the screen and detail the type of data that is available
  • Quick Start Guide - An overview of features that are important to a new user
  • Glossary - This document provides descriptions for the most common keywords and terms that Linnworks used throughout the system
  • Test Data - New Linnworks accounts have some data available to test the system. This guide covers what data is included and how to remove it
  • Inventory - Within this is an electronic record for all the physical products that you sell
  • Channels - The platforms you sell on such as Amazon, eBay or your own website allowing Linnworks to manage orders and inventory
  • Couriers - Once it is possible to print shipping labels and manifest directly from within
  • Warehouse Locations - Use this feature to set up the physical warehouses that you use to manage your stock
  • Fulfilment Centers - Use this feature to set up 3rd parties who despatch orders on your behalf from their own warehouse
  • Printing - Learn how to produce all the paperwork you require, such as picking lists, invoices and shipping labels
  • Listings - It is possible to use the data stored within your inventory to generate and update listings on multiple selling platforms