Quick Start Guide - Channels

Linnworks.net can integrate with multiple sales channels, then download orders from those channels to provide a uniform workflow at your warehouse. Subsequent processes can then be done independent of the channel they came from. For instance, all orders with express delivery can be grouped, regardless of channel of origin.

New channel

Channels are the platforms that you use to sell your products such as Amazon, eBay, Rakuten or your own website. Linnworks.net allows for direct integration with many selling channels and once added it is possible for Linnworks.net to perform a variety of automated tasks. These tasks can vary slightly from channel to channel, but can typically include the following:

  • Download orders
  • Provide shipment information to the channel upon despatch
  • Upload inventory levels
  • Adjust listing prices and titles
  • Creation of new listings
  • Inform your customers when orders are despatched

Use the following guides for assistance with adding and configuring sales channels within Linnworks.net

For a full list of channel integrations, please see our Channels page.


Inventory mapping is essential for Linnworks to operate properly. This step provides Linnworks with a link between a stock item and a listing so stock levels can be adjusted, stock item information can be assigned to orders.

Each channel will have to be mapped individually, and below are guides that will help you to complete this crucial step.

Without this step, linnworks cannot function as a stock management tool, so it’s important to have this step completed before going live. In general all channels follow exactly the same methodology when it comes to inventory mapping.


  • The Linnworks.net interface - The layout of the Linnworks.net interface, covering the 3 main sections of the screen and detail the type of data that is available
  • Quick Start Guide - An overview of Linnworks.net features that are important to a new user
  • Glossary - This document provides descriptions for the most common keywords and terms that Linnworks used throughout the system
  • Setup Wizard - A simple wizards displayed when starting Linnworks.net for the first time to provide key data
  • Test Data - New Linnworks accounts have some data available to test the system. This guide covers what data is included and how to remove it
  • Inventory - Within Linnworks.net this is an electronic record for all the physical products that you sell
  • Couriers - Once it is possible to print shipping labels and manifest directly from within Linnworks.net
  • Warehouse Locations - Use this feature to set up the physical warehouses that you use to manage your stock
  • Fulfilment Centers - Use this feature to set up 3rd parties who despatch orders on your behalf from their own warehouse
  • Printing - Learn how to produce all the paperwork you require, such as picking lists, invoices and shipping labels
  • Listings - It is possible to use the data stored within your Linnworks.net inventory to generate and update listings on multiple selling platforms