Speed up Order Processing with Barcode Scanning


I want to process orders quickly, whilst still maintaining accuracy, so that I don't accidentally process an order that has not been picked/packed.


When processing an order via the despatch console, use a static processing barcode to mark the order as processed, instead of having to click the Process button.

First, you will need to configure a processing barcode. This is a barcode that you can print, and keep nearby your despatch bench. When you open the process order screen you can scan this barcode, and the selected order will be processed. 

Configuring a Processing Barcode
  1. Go to Order Book > Open Orders
  2. Click the settings cog , and open the OrderBookSettingsButtonscreen.
  3. In the Order Processing tab, add a value that you can convert into a barcode for scanning later. It needs to be unique, and long enough to produce a scanable barcode when printed. For example, the text 'PROCESSSCAN' has a decent number of characters, and has very little chance of being duplicated anywhere else in the system.  
  4. Click Save.
  5. In an external program (Microsoft Word, Open Office, Libre Office) type the same barcode number in a barcode font (usually called 3 of 9), and print it. 
  6. Position the printed barcode in a place that's easy for warehouse staff to scan when marking orders as processed.  

Now that you have a processing barcode, you need a quick way of selecting individual orders. The quickest way to do this is by scanning an order ID into the despatch console. To do this, you will need the order ID printed as a barcode that you can scan. A good way to configure this is to put this barcode on an invoice template. Then you will be able to scan every invoice you print, and the despatch console will find the right order.

Adding an Order ID barcode to an Invoice
  1. Go to Settings > Template Designer
  2. Edit an invoice template
  3. Add a new  element to the template.
  4. Double click the new element, and add an Order id variable  
  5. Toggle the button to enabled
  6. Save and exit

Now that you have everything in place, you can put it all together and start processing orders quickly and accurately. 

Process Flow
  1. Go to Order Book > Despatch Console
  2. In the By Order id tab, scan the Order ID barcode on the invoice
  3. Once the process order screen has loaded, scan the Processing Barcode
  4. Repeat until all invoices have been scanned