Printing an Invoice

In this section, we detail to print invoices directly from within the Open Order screen.

Quick Guide

  • Select Orders > Open Orders
  • Select your order(s)
  • Select additional orders if necessary
  • Print the invoice for the order(s)
Please note! The invoice template needs to be set up in Settings > Template Designer.

Detailed Guide

Select Orders > Open Orders.

  • In the navigation menu on the left side of the screen, click on Orders
  • Select Open Orders 

Select your order.

  • Use the search to locate the order
  • Or use Sort to locate the order
  • Left-click the order to select it

Select additional orders if necessary.

  • You can select multiple orders either individually, or as a group
  • To select multiple individual orders, left-click the initial order, then hold down Ctrl while left-clicking the other orders
  • To select multiple orders that are grouped together, left-click the top- or bottom-most order, then hold down shift and click the order at the other end of the group. all the orders in-between should be selected

Print the invoice for the order(s).

  • Right-click the group (With Ctrl or Shift still held down)
  • Select the Print menu
  • Select Invoice.
  • If you have more than one Invoice template, you can use the Specific Invoice option and choose the preferred template
  • If you want to print your Invoice to PDF, you can hover the mouse cursor over Invoice and a new sub-menu will appear, including PDF as an option

The sort order of multiple invoices being printed is designed to match the sequence the orders are displayed on the screen at the time of printing.