Printing a Shipping Label

In this section, we detail how to print shipping labels for integrated couriers directly from within the Open Order screen.


  1. Select Orders > Open Orders
    • In the navigation menu on the left side of the screen, click on Orders
    • Select Open Orders 
  2. Select your order
    • Use the search to locate the order
    • Or use sorting to locate the order
    • Left-click the order to select it
  3. Select additional orders if necessary
    • You can select multiple orders either individually, or as a group
      • To select multiple individual orders, left-click the initial order, then hold down Ctrl while left-clicking the other orders
      • To select multiple orders that are grouped together, left-click the top- or bottom-most order, then hold down shift and click the order at the other end of the group. all the orders in-between will be selected
  4. Print the Shipping Label for the order(s)
    • Right-click on any of the selected orders
    • Select the Print menu
    • Select Shipping Labels
    • Select Courier Config or PDF from the sub menu to choose the required output device
Please note! An order needs to have a shipping service assigned from Shipping >  Integrations > Shipping Integration > Shipping Services in order to print carrier designed shipping label. Otherwise, a generic shipping label template will be printed which you can set up in Settings > Template Designer.