Split Packaging

The Split Packaging functionality in Linnworks allows you to specify that multiple items in the same order should be shipped in separate packets. Printing a label for an order that's had it's packaging split will instruct Linnworks to print enough labels for each packet.

Table of Contents

Accessing the Split Packaging Interface

Any Linnworks order that contains multiple items can have it's packaging split. To open the split packaging screen

  1. Right Click the order
  2. Select Actions
  3. Select Shipping
  4. Select Split Packaging

This will open the split packaging interface

Splitting Items into Multiple Packaging Bins

Splitting an order into multiple packaging bins involves selecting the first item in the order, creating a new packaging bin for that item, and then continuing that process until each item is in an appropriate bin. Multiple items can share the same bin, or each item can be completely separated.

  1. Choose the first item that you want to allocate to a new packaging bin
  2. If there is more than one of the item, select how many of them you want to move first
  3. Drag the item into the blue section in the middle of the screen
    • This will create a new packaging bin
  4. Continue steps 1, 2 & 3 for each item in the order, until every item has been allocated to an appropriate bin
If you want to move an item into an existing bin, simply drag the item into one of the already created bins in the main section of the screen

Manually Changing Packaging Types

Once you have allocated all your order items to new bins, Linnworks will have automatically assigned the appropriate packaging types to each bin, following your chosen automated packaging assignment method
You can manually change these values by clicking on the edit button.
This will allow you to change the packaging group, packaging type, and dimensions.
If you want to revert any packaging changes you made, click the recalculate button.