Each category on eBay has a list of item specifics. The item specifics are optional fields for listings. In the Specifications section you can specify which item specifications you want to show in your listing (if any) and select the item's condition.


  • Add New: Adds a new specification to the configurator
  • Delete: Removes the selected specification from the configurator


The grid will be automatically populated with the recommended specifications for the eBay categories that have been assigned to the configurator.

Column NameDescription
Name The name of the specification that will be seen by the buyer on eBay
Extended Property The name of the extended property where the specification's value is stored
Default Value Used as the specification's value if the chosen extended property is not found on the stock item

Default Properties

There are a number of basic item properties that can be selected in the Item Specification window. Although these are not actually extended properties, they are listed here for convenience. This allows you to specify some common eBay specifications, such as Barcode, at the configurator level. This makes the listing process shorter as otherwise, these specifications would have to be mapped on each template. The following default properties are available in the specifications screen:

  • Product.Price
  • Product.SKU
  • Product.Barcode
  • Product.Title
  • Product.Weight
  • Product.Height
  • Product.Width
  • Product.Depth
  • Product.Description

In addition to these, any extended property that has been added to a stock item in your Linnworks account will be shown.

Additional Settings