eBay Add New Configurator

This section outlines the steps in adding a new eBay configurator.


  1. Navigate to: Settings > Configurators > eBay
  2. Click the Add New button to create a new configurator. This will display a new window where the configurator name and various required details with which the configurator is going to be associated can be specified
  3. Enter a Name for the configurator
  4. Select an eBay account from the dropdown list. This list is comprised of the eBay channels that have been integrated with Linnworks
  5. Select the Site where the eBay store is hosted ie: ebay.de is site Germany
  6. Currency will be pre-selected based on the site chosen, it can also be manually adjusted if required
  7. Select either Fixed Listing Type or Auction from the Listing type drop-down box
  8. Select length of days for the listing to stay live on eBay from Listing Duration
  9. Returns is the next to be specified, details on this can be found here
  10. Payment method to be selected can be found under Payment
  11. Complete the Shipping specification, details on this can be found here
  12. Click Save

Visible Columns

Regardless of what channel you are making a configurator for, you can change what data columns are visible on the configurator screen 

  • Right clicking the column headers will display a pop up menu with a list of all available columns
  • Scrolling to the bottom of this menu shows the "Force Fit Columns" option
      • Ticking this option will dynamically resize the columns so that they fit within the browser window without a scroll bar
      • Alternatively, you can click the  button and then Choose Columns to access the column chooser

    Next Steps

    1. Edit Configurator
    2. Extended Rules for Shipping Service