Listing via My Inventory

In the listing capabilities are wholly integrated into the My Inventory screen for certain channels. The following page will give an overview of the supported channels for this type of listing and links to guides on how to do the most common listing tasks, such as bulk listing.


  • List to Amazon, Bigcommerce, eBay and Magento from your inventory screen
  • List in bulk, including SKU variations
  • Alter listing specifics such as price or listing description in a few clicks
  • List SKUs to multiple channels with channel-specific information


Create configurators

Configurators host common details of a listing such as site the listing will be created on, categories it will be submitted to etc. From the Configurators screen it is possible to add, edit, delete and duplicate configurators.

eBay Configurators
Amazon Configurators
Bigcommerce Configurators
Magento Configurators
Other Configurators

List non-variant products

The process of submitting listings to selling channels is slightly different for every channel.

Bulk List to eBay
Bulk List to Amazon
Bulk List to Bigcommerce
Bulk List to Magento

List multi-variation products

Multi-variation refers to a type of product that has different variants, for example, colour or size. The process of creating variation products varies from channel to channel.

Bulk List Variations to eBay
Bulk List Variations to Amazon
Bulk List Variations to Bigcommerce
Bulk List Variations to Magento

Listing Hints & Tips