Listing on Fruugo

This guide details the process of listing items for sale on Fruugo.

The following documentation makes reference to the legacy Linnworks Desktop application. To find out if you have access to Linnworks Desktop, please click here.

Table of Contents


Before listing to Fruugo, you will need the following

  1. Listing to Fruugo is currently only available on Linnworks desktop software. Please refer to this guide for assistance with downloading Linnworks Desktop
  2. There must be at least one Fruugo channel added to Linnworks

Listing on Fruugo

  1. Open Linnworks Desktop software and Log In
    • Please refer to this guide for assistance with downloading Linnworks Desktop
  2. Go to Settings > Channel Integration > Fruugo Integration Config
  3. Under the Product Feed heading, click Submit
  4. Select all SKUs to be listed from the Fruugo Listing Management window
    • Please bear in mind the Listing Requirements when selecting SKUs to be listed
    • The red icon in the left-hand column means the SKU does not meet the requirements to be listed
  5. Click Submit Listings

Please Note!
Products will not appear in the product feed until the products have a live status, which occurs after the products have been branded and categorised. The product feed is updated every 24 hours, so there may be a delay in the products showing in the mapping screen once the branding and categorisation have been completed.

Fruugo Listing Requirements

SKU Requirements

Fruugo places a number of requirements on products being listed that will prevent the listings being created if they are not met. Each SKU must contain:

  1. A Brand
  2. An Image
  3. A Description (The description will be taken from the listing description for the source/subsource. If this is not present, it will take it for source/subsource of default. If this is not present, the metadata will be used) Descriptions should not contain HTML tags
  4. A Retail Price of greater than 0
  5. An accurate weight unless otherwise another arrangement has been agreed with Fruugo
  6. An EAN barcode number (Taken from the stock item's barcode field)

In addition to these required properties, Fruugo will accept the following attributes in extended properties:

  • Size
  • Colour
  • Fruugo_Shipping (recommended)
  • LeadTime
  • Fit
  • Fruugo_category

Fruugo_Shipping is a List, separated by a space only, not comma-separated, of Country ISO codes that the SKU can be shipped to.

LeadTime is how long after an order is placed that you expect to dispatch it, stored as an integer. When any product has the StockStatus "OUTOFSTOCK", or StockQuantity 0, Linnworks will send LeadTime as an empty field to ensure the item remains inactive.

Fruugo_category, if this extended property is added to the channel, listing tool will retrieve this value instead of the Linnworks category. If no property exists, the listing tool will fall back to the Linnworks category. Here you can download a file with categories that are accepted by Fruugo. 

If variations are required for listing on Fruugo from Linnworks, they must all be in the same variation group. This will link the products on Fruugo to make them easily viewable. If variation products are not in the same variation group, the feed may be rejected by Fruugo