Listing on Walmart

This guide details the process of listing items for sale on Walmart.For sellers using Linnworks to sell on Walmart marketplace, Linnworks provides a separate tool to allow you to list products. The Walmart Listing Tool for Linnworks is currently in Beta. The tool connects to your Linnworks database, allowing you to prepare and submit items to the Walmart Marketplace for listing underneath 

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Before listing to Walmart, you will need the following

  1. Listing to Walmart is currently only available through our Walmart Listing Tool Application. Please refer to this guide for assistance with installing the application
  2. There must be at least one Walmart channel added to Linnworks

Walmart Listing requirements 

Walmart SKUs requirements 

When listing on Walmart the user has the option to list in different categories. Walmart's requirements for listing will be different depending on what category the user has chosen.  Be that as it may, Walmart has established a general SKUs requirements for all the categories that the user can list on. Hence the minimum data that every SKU has to have is:

  • Product Name (Title): Title of the product to be displayed on the product details page. 200 characters max.
  • Short Description: Overview of the key selling points of the item, marketing content, and highlights in paragraph form. 1000 character max.
  • Main Image:  Location of the image can be a URL or Linnworks. URLs must begin with http:// or https:// Example: 2000 character max.
  • Product ID Type:  Type of unique identifier used in the "Product ID" field. Example: UPC; GTIN; ISBN; ISSN; EAN. Please click on the following link for more information on Product ID Types 
  • Product ID: Alphanumeric ID that uniquely identifies the product. Example: X12345. 14 character max.
    • Product ID is an important identifier for Walmart's systems. Walmart merges items with the same Product ID and shows them as one item sold by multiple Sellers. If you provide the wrong Product ID, your item will be merged incorrectly, which can increase your order cancellation rate, create bad customer experience, produce customer fraud complaints and result in a lower rating on your Seller Scorecard
    • You are not allowed to submit two SKUs with the same Product Identifier. Even if you have submitted an item with a group of Product Identifiers (e.g., an ISBN and GTIN), this group can only have a single SKU
  • Brand: If the item does not have a brand, enter "Unbranded" Example: HP; Toshiba; Unbranded. 4000 character max
    • When listing unbranded items, UNBRANDED needs to be specified
  • Product Tax Code: Code used to identify tax properties of the product. 10 character max. For more information about Walmart current Sales Tax Codes click here
  • Price Amount: The price of the item
  • Price Currency: For example, USD
  • Shipping Weight: The weight of the item when packaged to ship. This values will be taken from 'Postage Definition' and converted into Lb (Pounds). The only weight identifier type allowed by Walmart at the moment is LB, none of the other units like KG, Gr, MG and OZ, are allowed
Please Note! Walmart only allows to create a listing with a particular SKU code once, ie you cannot have two listings on Walmart with the same SKU code.

Listing on Walmart

Using the Tool

Logging onto the Walmart Listing Tool will navigate to a window displaying a broad view of the various stages in the listing process. The configurator menu, your inventory and listing stages display will remain constant while the listing stages each contain their own tabs.

 Configurator Menu

  • Add New:  The user will be able to create new configurator and save it
  • Edit Existing:  The user will be allowed to select a configurator and change or update any of its specifics and attributes on it and save it again 

 Templates Tabs

  • Inventory: This tab displays all SKUs in the user's inventory on Linnworks that either have or have not yet been listed on Walmart. Within this tab, the user will be able to search for Linnworks SKUs, list items individually, single items and variant groups and select which configurator to use to create the new listings.
  • In Progress: These listings are currently being processed by Walmart. Hence this tab displays all templates set up for listing, therefore they are processing (in progress) and these that still show Errors. The Processing tab will be informative only and any listings displayed on this tab are not editable.
    • Listings under this Tab are publishing what typically takes a few hours (up to 4)
  • Listed: This tab contains all the templates that have been published and are active in Walmart. The user will be able to update items individually retire or archive them within this tab
  • Retired: Displays templates that have been unpublished/retired and/or archived. The user will be able, from this tab, to relist items individually only for retired templates (not archived)
  • Errored: Contains any listings considered to contain an error during the processing stage. The user will have the option to view the errors and update (relist again) items individually. Please note, these errors are directly from Walmart end, not Linnworks
  • Promotions: This tab displays all the promotions that the user create along with all the templates that will be using this promotion. For How to create a promotion, click here

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