Listing via Bespoke Tools

Linnworks supports listing to multiple sales channels, and uses bespoke listing tools for certain channels. These tools are under active development, but are external to The following page provides details and links to the usage guides for all bespoke listing tools currently supported.


As the name suggests, the process that these tools use to create listings will vary from channel to channel. In general, they will require the use of our desktop application or a separate program supplied by Linn Systems upon request. These tools then either list to the channel or produce a file that can be uploaded to the channel. Full documentation for channels that use a bespoke listing tool are available from the links in the following section.

The following documentation makes reference to the legacy Linnworks Desktop application. To find out if you have access to Linnworks Desktop, please click here.

Supported Channels

The following channels have bespoke tools for listing management with Linnworks:

Channel Guide
Flubit Flubit Inventory Mapping
Fruugo Fruugo Listing Tool
Walmart Walmart Listing Tool