Listing Management -Key Concepts

Overview is capable of advertising products for sale on some sales channels, if the channel supports the feature. This page will cover the two main methods used to achieve this and where to find channels specific instructions for listing.

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Linnworks supports listing to multiple sales channels. For channels that Linnworks can list to, this is achieved either by listing directly through, via the "My Inventory" screen, or using a bespoke listing tool for other supported channels. Regardless of listing method, once integrated channels that can list will have the following functionality:

  • Create listings on the channel
  • Revise Listings
  • End or set listings as out of stock when there is no stock available
  • Relist when stock becomes available

Listing via My Inventory

An overview of the listing via My Inventory process can be found on the following page. Briefly, the process is as follows: Listing via the My Inventory page is done in several stages. The first is creating a configurator, which contains the options for a group of products that can either be single SKUs or variations. Then from the my inventory screen, when the channel has been added to the view, SKUs can be right clicked, then listed on the channel by clicking "Create listing on <Channel>" and selecting an appropriate configurator. Full, channel specific, documentation is available on the respective pages linked below:

Supported Channels

Listing via Bespoke Tools

Some channels are unable to support direct listing and so a bespoke tool is used. It is often the case that these tools create a file which must then be uploaded to the channel independently. These tools often require the use of our desktop software. You may not have access to Linnworks desktop. To find out if you have access to Linnworks Desktop, please click here.

Supported Channels