How to reorder low stock 

Linnworks allows you to reorder low stock items directly from My Inventory or via Open Orders. Both options are available to help make the reordering process easier ensuring no sales are lost due to an item being out of stock. It is also a very common practice among sellers to sell products they don’t have in stock but can source from a supplier. This is where reordering low stock (just in time ordering) benefits letting you raise purchase orders in a timely manner.

Re-order from the My Inventory screen

Reordering from the My Inventory screen involves two steps:

  • Step 1. Identify items that need to be re-ordered.
  • Step 2. Create a purchase order for these items.

Step 1

Use search and various filters to identify items that you need to reorder according to your needs. You can use several filters at the same time. For example, you may want to order items from the same category, the same vendor, and which have available stock of less than 10. Then you can go to Edit View and add these filters:


As a result, you will get a view with a list of items that match these criteria.

Reorder filter

There is also a dedicated filter for Available which can help make better decisions on when is the right time to order more stock for your products based on certain conditions.


 There are 4 conditions available:



  • Below Minimum Level: shows all items where the available level is below the minimum level set for that item.
  • Approaching Minimum Level: shows items where the available level is getting close to the minimum level and should run out tomorrow. The system makes estimations based on Daily Average Consumption and Minimum Stock Level.
  • Optimal Stock level: shows items where the available level is less than what we would expect to sell in the time before the delivery. The system makes estimations based on Daily Average Consumption multiplied by the supplier Lead Time and compares it to the available stock. For instance, if the average consumption is 5 and the lead time is 10; the item would show up if the available stock level was less than 50. 
  • Optimal Level plus Safety Stock: this is similar to the Optimal Stock level. The safety stock is considered to be 7 days of sales. So if we take the example above; the item would show up if the available level was less than 85. Calculations for this example: (10 + 7) * 5.

Once the most suitable filters are selected, save the view and you will see the list of SKUs applicable to the filter criteria. To find more detailed information on how to work with the views, check this documentation.

Step 2

To proceed with reordering the selected items, right-click the selected item(s) > Re-stock > select the preferred calculation mode of how many items should be ordered > select Supplier, either a default supplier or a specific one.



Calculation methods:

  • To Minimum Stock Level: Linnworks will automatically add to the purchase order the amount of items required to reach the minimum level. For example, if the Minimum Level is 8 and the Available amount is 3, then the amount of 5 will be added to the purchase order.
  • Smart Calculate: Linnworks will automatically add the average number of items from the last 3 purchase orders for this item. If there have been no purchase orders for these items yet, then the logic of To Minimum Stock Level will be applied.

Create Purchase Order screen

Once you get to the Create Purchase Order screen, double-check that purchase order details are correct - if required, you can edit the number of items To Order manually. You can either click the RLS 6 button, or add this order to an existing purchase order for a specific supplier.


Re-order from the Open Orders screen

Another way to re-order low stock inventory, is to do it directly from the Open Orders screen. This involves similar steps:

  • Step 1. Identify orders that have items for re-ordering.
  • Step 2. Create a purchase order for these items.

Step 1

Identify orders that are low on stock using various filter conditions in the Items column. For example, the Stock Level filter in Items column:


Once the most suitable filters are selected, click Apply and you will see the list of orders that match these criteria. 

Step 2

Right-click on the order > Add to PO > select whether you would like to reorder All items or only Out-of-stock items > select a specific supplier or the supplier that is set as default.



Once a supplier is selected, you will be redirected to the Create Purchase Orders screen with a Mode for open orders. Linnworks automatically will add the number of items that are required to fulfil the order to the To Order column. For example, if you have only 1 item left and you received the order for 5 items, Linnworks will automatically add 4 items to the PO so that you could fulfil your order. This amount can be edited manually.

RLS 10


Click the RLS 6 button or you can add this order to the existing purchase order for a specific supplier.

Daily Average Consumption

Linnworks tracks the average daily consumption of stock in your specific location for a particular item. To view this information for your items, please add the Average Daily Consumption column to your inventory view. Go to Edit View > add the column > click Save.

Click on the column to see details for any specific item you have in a list: RLS 11

The timeline shows a figure for every single day - how many items on average are consumed for this stock item. To count this, the system takes the total sales in the last 90 days, divided by the number of days the item was in stock.