Warehouse Transfer

The Warehouse Transfer Tool is designed to allow, and track, the movement of stock from one location to another. To represent this, it uses the concept of a Transfer Card, which is moved from stage to stage and represent the stock being removed from one location, and moved and entered into another.

Amazon FBA and Fulfilment Centres are NOT supported by Warehouse Transfer. Linnworks does not have control of stock levels at those locations.


Step-By-Step Guide

The Step-By-Step guide to using Warehouse Transfer alongside the Warehouse Transfer - Full video above covers the use of the Warehouse Transfer Functionality in full.

The Location View

The Location View displays all transfers to and from the currently selected Location that have not been marked as Delivered. It allows key information to be seen, and allows easy editing and updating of cards.

The Location Box, in the top right hand corner, allows the selection from a list of available Locations to review outstanding transfers for the entire business. In addition, there is an All Locations option to display ALL outstanding transfers.


The Search function has 5 fields to filter transfers by. After selecting the Search Field, and entering the term, select the Search button.

The Search Fields are:

  • SKU
  • Title
  • Barcode
  • TransferRef
  • BinRef

New Transfer & New Request

The New Transfer and New Request options allow for the creation of a new Warehouse Transfer card. A New Transfer will initiate a transfer from the currently selected location to another. A New Request, in contrast, will ask for another location to request stock from.

After selecting the type of transfer and location, the next step is the Edit Transfer screen.

Archived Transfers

When a Transfer Card is completed or deleted, it is Archived. These Archived Cards can be reviewed in the Archived Transfers section.

Printing Transfer Status

When using the Warehouse Transfer functionality, a user may wish to print a record of the current status of the Transfer. This uses templates that are stored and edited in the Template Designer.

Stock Movements

The following table shows when actual stock movements take place based on the status of a Warehouse Transfer

StatusFrom LocationStock Item History NoteTo LocationStock Item History Note
Draft No Change   No Change  
Request No Change   No Change  
Accepted Requested quantity deducted Added to Transfer "Transfer Reference Number" No Change Due from Transfer "Transfer Reference Number"
Packing No Change   No Change  
In transit No Change   No Change  
Checking In No Change   No Change  
Delivered No Change   Checked in quantity added Stock received from transfer: "Transfer Reference Number"