Purchase Orders

Purchase Orders (POs) within Linnworks allows you to log and record what you are ordering in from suppliers to replenish your stock. The Purchase Orders functionality is very flexible and can be used to fully track your supply chain process from start to finish.

Table of Contents

Accessing the Screen

  1. Select Inventory
  2. Select Purchase Orders

Screen Overview

  Buttons and Fields

The main Purchase Order screen will show a list of purchase orders that can be limited by the buttons and fields at the top section of the screen. For more information about purchase orders, please see our Key Concepts documentation. The following section describes the way that the displayed POs can be filtered:

  • Pending: Clicking this will display only Pending POs
    • A Pending PO is a draft PO that has not been sent to a supplier. It will not affect your stock levels
  • Open: Clicking this will display only Open POs
    • An Open PO is a PO that has been raised with your supplier. Open POs will update the Due In field, but will not affect available level
  • Partial: Clicking this will display only Partial POs
    • The Partial tab is used for POs that have been placed with the supplier and have been part-delivered. Delivered line items will affect your available stock level
  • Delivered: Clicking this will display only Delivered POs
    • The Delivered tab is reserved for POs that have been completed
  • All: clicking this will display all POs
    • An extra column is displayed in the grid view to show what stage of the PO process that PO is at
  • Date Range: POs created during this range will be displayed
  • Reference: This will search based on either your reference number or the supplier reference number
  • Locations: This is the Linnworks location that the stock is due to be delivered to
  • Suppliers: This is the supplier as defined in the Linnworks supplier register, which can be found in Linnworks.net > Inventory > Suppliers
  • Search: Once the search parameters have been set, clicking search will limit the search to POs that match the chosen parameters
  • New PO: Clicking this will create a new PO and open the edit PO screen
  • Edit PO / Deliver / View PO: This will open the edit screen for the PO. The label on the button will change depending on the stage of the process the PO is at
    • Pending POs - All aspects of the PO can be edited
    • Open & Partial - Only the Supplier Ref and Expected date can be altered. Items can also be marked as delivered
    • Delivered - Nothing can be edited on the PO, but the details can be viewed
  • Print: Clicking this will print the highlighted PO(s)
    • POs will be printed using Purchase Order templates in template designer
    • A default template is available, but further templates can be created and have printing conditions applied so that they are only used under certain circumstances

When using the All tab, highlighting a PO will display the buttons applicable to the status of the highlighted PO. When multiple rows are highlighted, the status specific buttons, Edit; Deliver and View PO, will not be displayed.


The grid changes depending on the stage of the PO process and display relevant data. The table below describes the available columns and what stage of the PO process they are applicable to.

Column Name Description Displayed On
Status This is the stage of the PO process that this PO is currently in All Tab
PO# This is the Linnworks reference used to identify the PO Every Status Tab
Supplier Ref This is a reference number given by your supplier for the PO Every Status Tab
Date This is the date that the PO was created Every Status Tab
Supplier This is the name of the supplier that the order will be placed with Every Status Tab
Location This is the Linnworks location that the stock is due to be delivered to Every Status Tab
Lines This is the number of unique order items in the PO Every Status Tab
Total This is the total, including tax of the order items plus the shipping cost (ex. Tax) Every Status Tab
Expected Date This is the due date for the PO from the supplier Open Tab
Partial Tab
Delivered This is the number of lines of a PO that have been delivered Partial Tab
Delivery Date This is the date at which the last order item on the PO was delivered Delivered Tab
All Items Delivered This shows whether all items on the purchase order have been marked as delivered Delivered Tab

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