Edit Product Details - Suppliers

This page shows all the suppliers for the SKU in question. It is possible to add suppliers for the SKU on this page, but only suppliers that already exist inside Linnworks. New suppliers can either be added as part of an Inventory Import or using Linnworks Desktop Software

Table of Contents

Editing a Single SKU

Adding Supplier Entries

  • Click Add New
  • Highlight a supplier from the list and click Add Selected
  • Click Save

Please note that when adding a supplier using this method, default data will be added, based on the information already associated with the SKU, such as purchase price and barcode.

Removing Supplier Entries

  • Click the appropriate entry to highlight it
  • Click Delete
  • Click Save

Changing the Default Supplier

  • The current default supplier is indicated with a  icon
  • Click the default column for the supplier you wish to make the default
  • Click The radio button that appears in the default column
  • Click Save

Editing Supplier Details

  • Any cell with a  icon can be edited in this window
  • Click the cell to be edited, the text will be highlighted
  • Enter new text and press Enter
    • Invalid text, such as letters in a price field will make the cell flash red and will not be accepted
  • Click Save

Editing in Bulk

Supplier information can be added to Linnworks SKUs in bulk via CSV file import using an Inventory Import. For more information on Inventory Imports, please see this guide.

Further Reading