Edit Product Details - Images

Images can be added to stock items either individually or in bulk. The Images tab also serves as a gallery of uploaded images for the particular stock item.

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Image Limits

Linnworks allows for certain image formats and sizes when adding images

  • Image formats that can be uploaded are jpeg, png or gif
  • All uploaded images are converted to jpeg format
    • If it was an animated gif, it will no longer be
    • If it was png with a transparent background this will now be white
  • The maximum permissible image size that can be uploaded is 1800x1800px, any images exceeding this limit will be resized

Details on submitting images to eBay can be found here

Editing a Single SKU

When editing a single SKU, images can either be uploaded from your computer or a URL can be specified, if the file is already online.

To upload a file from your compter:

  • Click Add Image
    • A window will open to select the image file to use
  • Click Save

Alternatively, to upload from a URL:

  • To specifcy a URL, click the arrow next to Add Image
  • Click Add Image from URL
    • A new window will open, requesting the URL
    • Enter the URL and click Accept to proceed or Close Window to cancel
  • Click Save
Images can be sequenced in a particular order for listing to various channels. This is done by reordering the images once uploaded to Linnworks by drag and drop.

Editing in Bulk

Images can only be added in bulk if they have already been uploaded to the web. To add images in bulk, please see our guide on Inventory Imports. The file will need to contain, at least, a column for SKUs and a column for Image URLs.

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