Composite Items are "Virtual" items that can be created in Linnworks. Rather than being a physical product, they are a collection of multiple SKUs. This could either be as a multipack of the same SKU or bundle consisting of multiple different SKUs.

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A composite SKU is a SKU that does not exist as a physical product, but is instead a combination of other SKUs, either to create a "Bundle" type item or a multipack of the same SKU. The advantage to creating these items in Linnworks is that Linnworks will calculate the number of available units based on the availability of the child SKUs. Composite items can be listed to sales channels in the normal way. When an order is received for a composite item, Linnworks will display the composite and their respective children.


In order to create new composite items, please ensure the following:

  • All SKUs to be added to a composite SKU must already be added to Linnworks
  • If you wish your composites to calculate their stock based on stock of the child SKU(s), then please add the Minimum Level column to your My Inventory view
    • For assistance with adding this to a view, see our Working with Views documentation
  • Alternatively, add the Tracked column to the inventory view

Guidelines for Composite Creation

A composite is a Parent/Child relationship and so there are several things to avoid when making composites, detailed below. These should be avoided as creating composites in this way will seriously deteriorate the performance of your Linnworks system.

  • Composites can not contain other composite
  • A composite can not contain itself

Examples of Composites

Good Examples

  • Front Car Mat Set
    • Front Mat Left (x1)
    • Front Mat Right (x1)
  • Rear Car Mat Set
    • Rear Mat Left (x1)
    • Rear Mat Right (x1)
  • Full Car Mat Set
    • Front Mat Left (x1)
    • Front Mat Right (x1)
    • Rear Mat Left (x1)
    • Rear Mat Right (x1)

Bad Example (Not Supported)

  • A Composite containing composites
    • Full Car Mat Set
      • Front Car Mat Set (x1)
      • Rear Car Mat Set (x1)
  • A Composite of itself
    • Front Car Mat (Left)
      • Front Car Mat Left (x1)

Creating Composite Items

  1. Open the My Inventory screen
  2. Create a new SKU by clicking Add New
  3. Fill in the Item Number (SKU) and Item Title, Barcode is optional
  4. A new window will open where further product details can be specified
  5. Click the Composition Tab
  6. Click the Add New button
  7. Inventory can be searched in the box at the top of the new window
  8. Choose the required SKUs for the composite and click Select
    • Multiple selections can be made by pressing Shift for contiguous entries
    • Use Ctrl + Click for non-contiguous entries
  9. Quantities of SKUs in the composite can be altered by clicking the pen icon
  10. Click Save

At this point, the composite has been created.

To make Linnworks calculate the available stock of a composite based on the available stock of the child SKU(s), please do the following:

  1. Find the Composite Parent SKU in the My Inventory screen
  2. Double click the corresponding row in the Minimum Level column and change the value to -1
  3. Alternatively, click the   icon to turn it  
    • This sets the tracked status in all Linnworks locations. To set on a per-location basis, click the   icon
  4. These two methods instruct Linnworks to treat the item as 'Not Tracked' and hence calculate the stock level based on the child SKUs
  5. For assistance with adding the Minimum Level or Tracked column to a My Inventory view, see our Working with Views documentation
  6. Press Enter to save the value

Please Note! If the composite is set to "Not Tracked", i.e. the Minimum Level is set to -1, the available quantity of a composite item will show 0 until one of the child SKUs change their stock level. Altering the stock level of any child SKUs and then reverting them back to their original value will still update the available quantity for related composite items.

How Linnworks uses Composite SKUs

Retail Price

It should be noted that Linnworks will not calculate a retail price based on child SKUs. Please manually set the price in the edit product details window or a Channel Specific Listing Price (used when listing through My Inventory). This enables you to set retail prices that offer a discount over ordering all the items separately.

Orders Containing Composite SKUs

If an order contains a composite SKU, it will list both the composite SKU and the child items of the composite. In addition to this, the child items will have a sold value of zero. As the retail price is not necessarily the sum of the retail prices for the child SKUs. With this being the case, Linnworks can not estimate what ratio to split the composite retail price.

Hovering over an order in Open Orders where there is a composite the 'Level' and 'Available level' will be equal and 'In Open Orders' column will not display any stock, similar to how this appears in 'My Inventory' as the stock is tracked in the items making up the composite. 

Composites in My Inventory

Any composite parent that is either set to 'Not Tracked' or the minimum level is set as '-1' will not display any stock in the 'In Open Order' column. Items making up the composite will display the correct stock in the 'In Open Order' column.

Printing Composite Item Values on Shipping Labels

In the previous section, it was said that the sold value of composite children will always be 0. There is one exception to this; when shipping labels are printed, the child items are provided, as these are the physical items being shipped. In this case, the value of the composite is split equally between the child items. It is not possible to supply the default retail price for the child items, as the sum of these may not reflect the price paid by the customer.

Processing Orders that Require Scanning

In the General Settings > Order Settings menu (), there is an option to require that order items are scanned before the order is processed. With this ticked, orders containing composites will require the child items to be scanned before the order is processed. If a child item does not contain a barcode, then no scan will be required for that item and the order can be processed by scanning the other items in the order.

Creating Composite Items in Bulk

Composite SKUs can be created and linked to child SKUs in bulk using CSV file imports. This is done in a two stage process:

  1. Both the parent and child SKU's should be created first via the Inventory Import
    • For more information on this, please see our Inventory Import documentation
  2. The linking and setting of quantities required to build the composite is done via Stock Item Compositions Import
    • For more information on this, please see our Stock Item Compositions Import documentation