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Audit Log ,maintains a complete history of a stock movements, a list of changes to the SKU are detailed, such as changes in price or adding of extended properties.

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Item Audit Log contains reports that will provide the user a full audit trail of changes to the inventory, both increases and decreases. This can be from receiving inventory on a purchase order, shipping inventory or inventory corrections. Each change to the stock (SKU) will be listed here: 

  • The Audit Trail of a SKU catalogues the changes made to the sku. For instance, if the retail price is altered, this would be logged in the Audit Trail, but the new and previous values are not. Time and name of the user/s account that made the changes will be logged
    • In some cases the Audit Trail may have a usename of "No User". This will be due to a technical support request being made and a member of Linn Systems staff has enacted a change in relation to that request. Currently, the audit trail may show UNKNOWN for actions taken by data import routines, such as creating new SKUs in bulk via CSV file upload
  • The Batch Audit (only for batched items) of a SKU records any changes that have been made, enables the user to trace what it's been happening to an specific item as well as the time/date and name of the user that made the change/s.  Location movements, date changes and quantity affected will be displayed. Previous values are registered and can be found under 'Change Note' 
  • The Stock Item History for a SKU lists how the stock changes occurred, for the selected location, with reference numbers from orders, purchase orders or warehouse transfers, as appropriate. This report will also show times and dates for the change occurred
    • For further information on Stock item History report, click here

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