Linnworks allows you to keep a register of suppliers so that one or multiple suppliers can be added to an inventory item. This can then be used in conjunction with purchase order functionality to streamline ordering new products, so products can be ordered using the cheapest supplier. Please note that the supplier register is limited to the contact details of suppliers. Information regarding supplier prices is applied to the individual SKUs. For more details, see our Managing Inventory Items documentation.

Table of Contents

Accessing the Suppliers Screen

  • Navigate to Inventory > Inventory Settings
  • Select Suppliers

Suppliers Screen Overview


  • Add New: use this option to add a new supplier to the register
  • Delete: use this option to remove the highlighted supplier
  • : use this option to edit the current supplier

Adding New Suppliers

  • Click the Add New button
  • Enter the contact details for your chosen supplier
  • Select the Currency used when purchasing from this supplier This list includes all the currencies in your Manage Currencies list
  • Click Save