Warehouse Locations

In Linnworks it is possible to set up multiple locations that correspond to physical warehouses. Stock and orders can be assigned to these separate locations to reflect the real workflow. Additionally, mapped listings from sales channel can be set to update inventory from selected locations. Please note that the fulfilment centre functionality is not intended to be used as FBA (fulfilled by Amazon). Please see our dedicated documentation on FBA to enable this functionality.

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Key Concepts

Warehouses in Linnworks are a location which you operate and run and as such can have stock levels assigned to them. Likewise, orders can be assigned to warehouse locations as well as fulfilment centres. Generally, orders are downloaded into the default location however, orders can be assigned to, and processed from any Linnworks location. Despite that, please note that once an order has been allocated to a fulfilment centre, it cannot be reallocated to another Location unless the order is cancelled by the fulfilment centre. In this case, the order can be unparked and reassigned.

Therefore, the default location should remain as your main location that you fulfil orders from. When orders are assigned to, and processed from, any other Linnworks location, Linnworks will ensure that the correct stock level is altered and updated to sales channels.

The location that a user is currently viewing in the open orders screen is preserved so that when the same user next accesses the open orders screen, it will display the same location. It is recommended that staff working at different sites be given separate Linnworks users to avoid confusion arising due to changing locations. Further information on user management can be found here

Location Specific Settings

My Inventory

The My Inventory screen will show either the stock from all locations (Combined Stock) or from a specific location. To view the stock from another location, use the dropdown box on the right hand side of the page  .

For more information on the My Inventory, please see this guide.

Open Orders

In the top right hand corner of the open orders screen, the current order location can be seen. To view orders assigned to another location, selecto the location from the dropdown menu  .

Stock levels at a location can be affected by directly altering the stock level, assigning or processing orders to that location. To make sure that sales channels are being given the correct stock information, please ensure that channel configs are set to update inventory from the appropriate locations. More information is available below.

Please Note! All locations, not just fulfilment centres, will be included in this menu. Orders assigned to a location defined as a fulfilment centre will be locked and parked. For more information about fulfilment centres, please see our main guide.

To assign an order to another warehouse, please do the following:

  • In the open orders screen, right click the order or orders you wish to assign
  • Go to Action > Bulk Change > Move to Location
  • Select the new location from the pop out menu

Updating Stock from a Location

In each channel configs there is a section called Edit channel location mapping. If Inventory Sync is enabled, it will be possible to select individual locations to update inventory from. 

In order to set up updating stock from a location, please do the following:

  • Go to Settings > Channel Integration
  • Find the channel you wish to alter and click the Edit channel location mapping icon
  • Toggle the locations you wish to update the channel from and click Save
      •  Means the channel will receive stock updates from this location
      •  Means the channel will not receive stock updates from this location

Please Note! This feature will only be available to customise when Inventory Sync is enabled for the channel. Inventory sync can only be enabled when the channel is enabled.

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