Linnworks facilitates the tracking of multiple stock levels for the same item across different physical locations. You may have multiple warehouses that contain different levels of the same item, or even a third party warehouse or fulfilment centre that contains some of your stock.

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Key Concepts

Linnworks uses locations as a means of tracking multiple stock levels for the same item. Linnworks locations represent physical warehouses where you are holding stock. Therefore, one SKU could have a different total stock level per location. There are two types of locations available in Linnworks; Warehouses and Fulfilment Centres. The effective difference is ownership. Warehouse locations represent locations that you or your employees despatch from, whereas a fulfilment centre is owned and operated by a 3rd party who despatch orders on your behalf. Further information about how Linnworks operates with these location types is available from our dedicated guides on fulfilment centres and warehouses.

The Default Location

Every Linnworks system comes with a default location as standard. In most cases, this should represent your main warehouse that you fulfil the majority of your orders from. Its name cannot be changed, and it cannot be deleted.

Fulfilment by Amazon

Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) is a distinct implementation of Linnworks' fulfilment centre functionality designed to run in parallel with your Amazon integration. The main difference is that the automation that can be used in normal FC functionality, is done automatically in the case of FBA. When a listing is marked as an FBA listing, Linnworks will download the order and it will be assigned to the FBA location. Once it is despatched by Amazon, Linnworks will retrieve the updated stock information and mark the order as processed in Linnworks.

For more information on FBA, please see our main FBA documentation.

Additional Locations

It is possible to add additional locations to Linnworks that represent other warehouses that you control and ship from. It is possible to update inventory levels and ship orders from these locations. Please note that when an order is downloaded into Linnworks, it will be downloaded into the default location. This will need to be assigned to the appropriate location if it is not to be fulfilled from the default location. Further information on this can be found in our Open Orders documentation.

Accessing the Screen

There are 2 possible methods to access the Locations:

  1. Navigate to Inventory > Locations
  2. Navigate to Settings > General Settings
    • Select the General tab
    • Select the Manage Locations button

Screen Overview


  • Add New: Opens the Add New Location screen
  • Delete: Deletes the selected location
    • To use the delete button, please first select a location from the grid by clicking it. 
    • A Location cannot be deleted if:
      • The Location is Default Location
      • There are open orders assigned to this location
      • The location is an FBA location
      • There are Purchase Orders with status Pending, Open or Partial for that location
      • There are active Warehouse Transfers 


Column NameDescription
Name This is the location Name as defined in Linnworks
FC This indicates if the location is a Fulfillment Center or not
  • This can be clicked to enable Fulfilment Centre functionality
  • Clicking again will remove the fulfilment centre functionality from this location
  • Please note that the default location cannot be made into a fulfilment centre
  • FBA locations will be marked as an FC, but will be greyed out and cannot be unticked.
Automation This opens the automation settings for the selected location
  • This button will only be active for fulfilment centre locations
  • Clicking this button opens the location editing window where the physical address and additional fulfilment centre options can be changed

This check box is used to show if the location is your warehouse or a fulfilment centre

  • Unticked - your own warehouse
  • Ticked - a fulfilment centre

Adding a New Location

To add a new location:

  • Click the Add new button
  • Fill out the location's name and, optionally, street address
  • Click Save

This will create a new location in Linnworks to represent a physical location that can be used to track stock levels and fulfil orders.

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