To help manage your stock items more effectively, Linnworks allows you to create categories to assign stock items to. Linnworks categories are completely internal to the system, and have no effect on your listings. Categories are simply an easy way to group similar stock items.

Table of Contents

Adding a New Category

To add a new category to Linnworks, follow these steps

  1. Click Settings > Inventory > Categories
  2. Click Add New
  3. Give the category a new, unique name and click Save

Once you have clicked save, your new category will then be added to the list. The categories list simply displays a list of all categories you have created. There is no support for hierarchical relationships between categories.

The Default category cannot be renamed or deleted.

Editing a Category Name

If you need to change the name of an already created category, do the following

  1. Double click the pencil icon located at the end of the category row
  2. The categories name will now be highlighted, allowing you to type a new name. Hit the Enter key to save

Deleting a Category

If you need to delete a category, simply click on the category that you want to delete, and click the Delete button.
Deleting a category will not delete the stock items assigned to that category. All items that were assigned to the deleted category will be reassigned to the Default category.