Stock Item Types

This page will define and explain the different types of stock items that you can sell through Linnworks as well as their peculiarities

Different business buy and sell different items that you can find in your Inventory. Thus, these items can be divided in 3 different types of stock: Basic Stock Items, Composite Stock Items and Variation Groups. 

Basic Stock items

A basic stock item is a stock item that describes a physical item that you are selling. Commonly, it will include details about the item such as price, physical dimensions, title and stock level. Stock Items can also include item specifics stored as extended properties, like size, colour or material.

There are two different basic stock items: Batched or Unbatched, depending on what information is linked to them.

  • Unbatched Items - Every basic stock item will be set as Unbatched item by Default. 
  • Batched Items - Batched items are defined as such when they have been linked to a specific and unique Batch No. Batched items can have a Sell By date, Expire On date or a Priority Sequence assigned to them. When an order for a batched item is made, the order will show the batch information in the items tab.  For more information about batched items, please see our dedicated documentation here

Composite Stock Item

Composites items do not correspond to a single physical item, but are virtual items that describe a collection or set. For instance; if you sell garden furniture, there will be a stock item for a table and a stock item for a chair. A composite item can then be created that is a set of garden furniture, a table and 4 chairs. This composite item would then be either listed to a channel or mapped to an existing listing. When an order for a composite item is made, the order will show the order items that make up that composite in their correct quantities.

Please remember that composite items cannot be converted into a batched item although a Composite could contain any type of stock items as child items: Unbatched, Batched and/or composite items.

Please Note! Although Linnworks allows you to make composites containing composites, this is bad practice and may lead to unexpected results and loss of performance. Please try and ensure children of composites contain only basic stock items

By default, the stock level of a composite item is calculated by the availability of the child items. For more information about composite items, please see our dedicated composite documentation here. 

Variation Groups

Variation Groups are stock items that still have an item number, Variation SKU, and a title, variation Name. They are designed to be a generic container for a type of stock item. For instance, if you sold t-shirts, each t shirt combination of size and colour will have a separate stock item, but each of these can be added to a variation group. This variation group can then be listed as a single listing where the customer can choose the appropriate colour and size. This greatly reduces the number of listings needed to advertise your products.

For more information about variations, please see our dedicated variation documentation here.