How batches are assigned to orders

When it comes to knowing what Batch number/s have been assigned to a specific order, please remember that there are different moments where a batch number is assigned, automatically or overriding, and this page will guide you through all of them.

Batched Numbers need to be assigned to orders and this will happen in one of these ways: 


A Batch Number will be automatically assigned to an order with any of these actions:   

  • Creating / Editing an order
    • Click the 'Batch' button 
    • Click 'Auto Assign'
    • Click Save and Complete Order 
  • Printing from the Open Orders Screen:

For further information and specifics on how to print Picking, Packing or Stock Items Labels and create the templates containing batched items, click here.

For processing batched order items click here.

Remember,   Batch Numbers are assigned to orders according to their Sell By/Expires On dates as FIFO (First In First Out) determines or according to their priority sequence that previously has been set. 


Batched numbers need to be assigned to orders and this is governed by FIFO rules although in some cases it could be useful to be able to override that Batch. If another Batch needs to be assigned to the order, this will be possible in two different ways: 

  • By scanning / selecting the new batch from the batch drop-down list displayed in the process order screen 
    • Click the button 'Scan' and select the Batch from the list of available batches or
    • Double click the batch field and select the Batch from the list of available batches

 Click here for more information about processing orders and batch items

  • Editing an order in Open Orders screen
    • Find the order
    • Right click > Edit Order
    • Click the 'Batch' button 
    • Select the Batch to be assigned and quantity 
    • Click Save and Complete Order