Inventory - Key Concepts

Using Linnworks Inventory Management as a central repository for all your stock helps to save time and money, achieve faster updates along with reducing the risks of overselling or over-ordering.
Calculating Stock Value

This guide will give an overview and examples of what factors affect the stock value calculation.

Inventory Batching

Functionality, exclusive for, that allows you to group multiple units of a stock item, assign them a unique Batch Number (No.) and ship orders by Batch Numbers

Multiple Bin/Rack

Multiple locations are possible for batched items, saving you time and money when shipping orders and avoiding human error when picking the items

Stock Item Types

Within Linnworks we can find different types of stock items, each one with its own peculiarities. Different types of stock means different ways of working with them

Stock Movements

The inventory section includes any possible changes in the Inventory. This page will explain the basic concepts for any of these changes

Stock Level Measures
Reducing and Increasing Stock
Transferring Stock Levels