Linnworks is designed to control Inventory by tracking the number of products sold, specifically for businesses selling online. The fundamental functionality of inventory control is to add stock levels for products when you acquire new stock by buying goods from your supplier and deducting stock levels when you make a sale. For businesses selling online across multiple channels (Amazon, eBay, etc) Linnworks becomes an essential tool which allows stock changes due to a sale on one channel to be reflected in the available levels for another channel without the need for manual intervention.
Key Concepts

Fundamental concepts that will help to ease the understanding of inventory management in Linnworks

Working with Inventory Items

Inventory items are electronic records for all of your physical stock items. Learn how to search, browse, add, delete and edit stock items directly within Linnworks, no matter where you sell the item

My Inventory Screen Overview
Managing Inventory Items

Working with Variations

Variations are used for the purposes of generating a single listing that contains a set of related items that are distinguished within the group by one or more properties such as size or colour

Working with Variations

Warehouse Transfer

The Warehouse Transfer functionality is designed to allow you to track stock movements between your own warehouses, even if the item is in the status of packing, in transit or delivered

Warehouse Transfer Overview
Step By Step Guide 

Inventory Settings

The Inventory Section includes controls for configuring advanced features in the Inventory such as composites, Locations and Variations


Purchase Orders

Purchase Orders (POs) within Linnworks allows you to log and record what you are ordering in from suppliers to replenish your stock.

Key Concepts
Creating and Editing Purchase Orders

Help Center Solutions

The Inventory Management Help Center Solutions contains articles about all aspects of inventory mnagement. These guides provide information about common tasks in Linnworks, without needing the main documentation.

Help Center Solutions