This page contains key information on new features and improvements of Linnworks for the year 2019.

December 2019

changelogUpdateBox Shipping - Deutsche Post
Changed the way Deutsche Post works in Linnworks. Manifest now need to be filed in the end of the day. The consignments will appear in Deutsche Post only after filing the manifest in Linnworks. - 5 December, 2019
changelogNewBox kTypes
Linnworks now supports US and AU kType cultures. - 4 December, 2019
changelogNewBox Shipping - UPS
Added new SurePost services, SubClassSurePost service config item and SubClassification extended property. - 4 December, 2019

November 2019

changelogNewBox General Settings - Inventory
Added additional settings to work with Stock Count in Linnworks Mobile application. - 27 November, 2019
changelogNewBox Shipping - Royal Mail Tracked
Add new services to Royal Mail Tracked: TPC Tracked 24 Age Signature, TPD Tracked 48 Age Signature, TPA Tracked 24 High Volume Age Signature, TPB Tracked 48 High Volume Age Signature - 26 November, 2019
changelogNewBox My Inventory - Edit Item screen
Added ability to drag & drop images to the Images tab. - 22 November, 2019
changelogUpdateBox Query Data - Channel SKUs
Added additional parameter Subsource that allows to create a column for each Channel SKU in this Subsource. Useful if Linnworks SKU has more than one Channel SKU linked to it. - 18 November, 2019
changelogNewBox Shopify
Added ability to update Cancelled status for open order if it was cancelled on Shopify. Once status is updated for the order in Linnworks it is moved to Processed with status Cancelled. - 14 November, 2019
changelogNewBox Shopify
Added ability to park orders that have a fraud risk and add relevant order note. - 14 November, 2019
changelogUpdateBox Process Order Scanning
Adjusted order processing to allow empty bin racks when processing a batched item. - 10 November, 2019
changelogNewBox General Setting - Inventory
Added albility to choose if a scrap items should or should not count towards consumprion. - 10 November, 2019
changelogNewBox Linnworks Mobile
Linnworks Mobile that works with a mobile scanner is now available and can be accessed with Linnworks credentials on - 7 November, 2019
changelogNewBox New Open Orders - View Manager
Improved existing features and added ability to reorder columns with Drag&Drop, to change which views show in their open orders, to share a view with other users. - 6 November, 2019
changelogNewBox Amazon FBA
Added additional check for FBA orders with Composites. When submitting an order to FBA with composite items system will check parent tracked status to see if we are tracking the parent levels for the FBA item. - 6 November, 2019
changelogNewBox Shipping -
Added ability to send order dimentions to when printing shipping label. - 4 November, 2019
changelogNewBox Catch
Added re-integration wizard for Catch channel. - 4 November, 2019

October 2019

changelogUpdateBox Shopify
Changed pagination from using page numbers to since_id (since last id) as per documentation, following Shopify suggestion here. - 30 October, 2019
changelogUpdateBox Shipping - UPS
Added ability to check for delivery area surcharge when validating shipment and show error message if necessary.. - 29 October, 2019
changelogNewBox Shipping - Royal Mail
Royal Mail now allows adding SKU on a label. This can be configured from Shipping > Integrations > Services > click Edit > scroll down and select up to 3 Label References. Order ID and Order Reference Number is now printed with smaller font. - 29 October, 2019
changelogNewBox Flubit
New features for Flubit are released: Order Cancellations, Order Refunds, Listing Download and Mapping. - 16 October, 2019
changelogUpdateBox Shipping - DPD and DPD Local
Addede signature and title text options to user config, so that these are automatically filled in on commercial invoice. - 10 October, 2019
changelogNewBox ekmPowershop
Added ability for users to choose if they want to download unpaid EKM orders. - 9 October, 2019
changelogUpdateBox Magento
Polished system to comply with Magento 2.3.2 version . - 8 October, 2019
changelogUpdateBox Order Processing
New error prevention options added to Open Orders settings in Settings > General Settings > Order Settings tab > Error Prevention: Invoice Printed, Picklist Printed, Shipping Label Printed. - 4 October, 2019
changelogUpdateBox Shipping - DHL
Changed how Linnworks saves phone numbers from Amazon US. Now system automatically adjusts phone numbers and removes extra spaces and characters from the phone field so that it would not go over 25 characters. - 1 October, 2019


changelogNewBox Stock In
Added ability to search manually in the Stock In screen. - 27 September, 2019
changelogNewBox Changelog
Changelog now can be viewed in a separate window via Support menu in the header bar of - 18 September, 2019
changelogNewBox Shipping - Amazon Shipping
New shipping integration Amazon Shipping is now available in Linnworks. - 17 September, 2019
changelogNewBox Order Processing
Added an option to General Settings to allow items to be scanned by Product Identifier in the Process Order screen. - 17 September, 2019
changelogUpdateBox Shipping - Parcelforce
Added prefix and suffix for package number to tracking number and ability to truncate to 15 characters. - 17 September, 2019
changelogUpdateBox Purchase Order
Generation for Purchase Order invoice number changed, now it's longer, in order to prevent situation when system generates same numbers for different purchase orders. - 16 September, 2019
changelogNewBox Purchase Order
Improved search settings in Purchase Orders. It is now possible to search by Stock Item SKU or Supplier Code. - 16 September, 2019
changelogNewBox Purchase Order
It's now possible to multi-select via Ctrl/Shift + Click in Edit PO's Stock Finder to add more than one item. - 16 September, 2019
changelogNewBox Shipping - myParcel
Added Shipping Quotes option to the integration to compare available shipping services to find the cheapest service for your orders. - 10 Sept, 2019
changelogNewBox Channel Integrations
Added support for Walmart Canada. - 10 Sept, 2019
changelogUpdateBox Query Data
Added Category column to query data scripts 'Returns - Order Item Returns' and 'Order item return, resend, refund' so that it aligns with existing RMA reports that have that column.> - 10 Sept, 2019
changelogUpdateBox Purchase Order
Added filtering features in Edit PO screen, now it is possible o filter in following columns: UnitCost, PackQuantity, PackSize, Quantity, ItemTitle, SupplierCode, SKU> - 9 Sept, 2019
changelogNewBox Shopify
Added an Order Identifier for Shopify POS for the Rules Engine configuration. Add Order Extended Property so POS order can be identified in reports. - 5 Sept, 2019
changelogNewBox Macro Configuration
Added Macro Configuration screen to open beta. - 5 Sept, 2019
changelogNewBox Shopify
Added the ability to filter orders by BinRack in the new Open Orders screen. - 3 Sept, 2019


changelogUpdateBox FNAC
Added a 'Reauthorise' button in the config allowing the user to reauthorise the channel; If Fnac replies with unauthorised, system retries 3-5 times before considering the config is invalid. - 27 August, 2019
changelogUpdateBox Shipping- Generic Labels
Added ability to cancel generic labels in Linnworks. Correct steps: 1. Cancel label in Linnworks. 2. Cancel label with vendor. . - 27 August, 2019
changelogUpdateBox BigCommerce
Added ability for Bigcommerce orders with digital items to update to Complete status on the BigCommerce. - 23 August, 2019
changelogUpdateBox Purchase Orders - Item delivery
When you click 'Deliver Item' in Edit Purchase Orders, Linnworks now suggest you 'Add to Delivered' qty of items automatically, same quantity which is in 'Requested'. This also working with Partial Delivry. - 23 August, 2019
changelogNewBox My Inventory
Added new column - "Default Supplier", filter for this column with dropdown, quick filter with a dropdown to My Inventory screen. It's also possible setup filter in Inventory view and search by default supplier name. - 21 August, 2019
changelogNewBox Amazon PII
Improved search options in the processed orders for the Amazon PII functional.  - 6 August, 2019
changelogUpdateBox Channel Integrations
Added new channel integration for Teezily. - 15 August, 2019
changelogNewBox My Inventory
Added new condition "IS" to the "Available" column filter in My Inventory screen. - 6 August, 2019
changelogNewBox Purchase Orders
Added columns to show Pack Size and a field to enter a Pack Quantity in Purchase Order. The quantity of units will auto calculate.  - 6 August, 2019
changelogNewBox eBay extended reference
Added config to use Sales Record Number as order Channel Reference. It is now possible for user can select in channel configuration to use old Sales Record Number as Channel Reference (Secondary Reference) on orders - 5 August, 2019


changelogNewBox New Open Orders
It is now possible to see bin racks of the composite item in the new open order screen. - 29 July, 2019
changelogNewBox New Open Orders
It is now possible to modify order notes without having to edit the order in the new Open Order screen. - 29 July, 2019
changelogNewBox Rules Engine
Implemented split package count and added an evaluation for order extended properties. - 23 July, 2019
changelogNewBox Amazon
Added ability to integrate Brazil, UAE and Turkey Amazon sites. - 23 July, 2019
changelogUpdateBox eBay Motors Listing - KTypes with Culture
Added ability to import kTypes for the SKUs with associated eBay Vehicle Part fitments compatibility for a specific culture. - 16 July, 2019
changelogUpdateBox Despatch Console
When using the "By Item Barcode" option within despatch console, the item used to find the order will be automatically scanned for the first order. - 8 July, 2019
changelogUpdateBox Shipping - Spring Omni
Added ability to allow sellers to specify the 'dummy' phone number and email that can be used instead if the relevant fields are empty on the orders. - 5 July, 2019
changelogNewBox My Inventory
Added Drag&Drop images import ability to My Inventory screen. - 3 July, 2019
changelogUpdateBox Cdiscount
Added dictionary to Cdiscount category to improve EAN validation. - 2 July, 2019
changelogUpdateBox Cdiscount
Added a warning message if variation setup is not done when required. - 2 July, 2019
changelogNewBox My Inventory
It is possible to select manually which 'Re-order' method to use when creating a PO: Smart Calculate or To Minimum Stock Level. - 2 July, 2019
changelogNewBox Open Orders Beta
Added Ctrl/Shift+Click actions to the new Open Orders screen. - 2 July, 2019
changelogNewBox Open Orders Beta
Added right-click actions to the new Open Orders screen. - 2 July, 2019
changelogFixBox Template Designer
Improved how Packing Lists display composite child items. - 2 July, 2019
changelogUpdateBox Listings
Better error logging. The eBay template SKU and Subsource will now be added to the Automation Logs screen whenever there is an error with processing a particular listing. - 2 July, 2019


changelogNewBox Shipping
Generic Pick List Order Notes. Added order notes to portrait pick list. - 6 June, 2019
changelogUpdateBox Shipping - Hermes Corporate
A warning for excluded areas for Hermes Corporate.Added excluded area helper and code to consignment validation.  - 6 June, 2019
changelogUpdateBox Shipping - MyHermes
Extended Property for item description. Added the commodity description to item, service and user config. The system will check for an item extended property first, then service and user for default values. - 6 June, 2019


changelogUpdateBox Shipping - DHL
Take order discounts into account for commercial invoices. Changed unitvalue references to unitvaluewithdiscount. - 24 April, 2019
changelogUpdateBox Shipping - Deutsche Post
Allow label cancellation via API for Deutsche Post. Added delete an item on API functionality. - 24 April, 2019
changelogUpdateBox Shipping - DPD
DPD / DPD Local Changes for Brexit. Made the required changes for information required for Electronic Customs Data (ECD). - 24 April, 2019
changelogUpdateBox Shipping - myHermes
myHermes Next Day option. Added the Next Day as a service config option. - 24 April, 2019
changelogUpdateBox Shipping - Amazon
Return order extended properties from Shipping Gateway. Add extended properties to consignment response and update the order with them. - 24 April, 2019
changelogNewBox Shopify Order Sync
Shopify POS: Download Processed. Added new option 'Process POS Orders' to allow users downloading orders that were processed in Shopify backend. This option will automatically process POS orders on download.  - 24 April, 2019
changelogNewBox Extract Inventory
Extract ePIDs. Added the possibility to extract items with ePID for single and variation items. - 24 April, 2019
changelogNewBox Shipping - DPD
Printing Orders. Resolved an issue when a label couldn't be printed if an order hasn't got a contact number. - 2 April, 2019
changelogUpdateBox Shipping - Metapack
Metapack XML error. Resolved an issue that caused the following error: Error: Metapack Generate consignment endpoint returned an error: CreateAndAllocateConsignment: There is an error in XML document (1, 12670). - 2 April, 2019
changelogUpdateBox Shipping - Royal Mail OBA
Royal Mail COSS 2019 changes. All changes successfully implemented. - 2 April, 2019
changelogUpdateBox Open Orders
Order XML. It is now possible to copy data from the Order XML. Additionally, it is now possible to view Order XML in the new Open Orders screen. - 2 April, 2019
changelogUpdateBox Open Orders
Custom Order Identifiers. Added the ability to create and assign custom identifiers to open orders via Rules Engine. - 2 April, 2019


changelogUpdateBox Despatch
Added FBA carrier mapping for eBay. - 20 March, 2019
changelogUpdateBox Import/Export
Open order/Processed Orders export. The Open Order and Processed Order exports have been optimized and should now be using fewer resources. - 20 March, 2019
changelogUpdateBox Processed Orders
Tracking links added for supported vendors within the Processed Orders screen. - 20 March, 2019
changelogNewBox Query Data Scripts
Sold Stock Between Dates (by Source) query will now have the option to include composite parent items in the report. - 20 March, 2019
changelogNewBox Shipping - MyHermes
myHermes account across multiple Linnworks accounts.Added ability to use same myHermes account across multiple Linnworks accounts. - 19 March, 2019
changelogUpdateBox Shipping - DPD
Populate all fields on commercial invoices for DPD. Added new service config option for delivery terms and included on the commercial invoice, new order extended property for customer's VAT number. Added ability to populate AWB on the commercial invoice to populate the date on the commercial invoice in the signature area. - 19 March, 2019
changelogUpdateBox Shipping - DPD
Saving the GeoSession to the DB now, which will be reused for future calls until it expires (24hrs). - 19 March, 2019
changelogUpdateBox Deutsche Post
Allow to map Description property for CN22. Added ability to use item extended property CommodityDescription or ItemName if no extended property for CN22 Description is available. - 19 March, 2019
changelogUpdateBox Deutsche Post
Services. Created new services and grouped the available services list by account type. - 19 March, 2019
changelogUpdateBox Deutsche Post
UQ barcode for Untracked services.Added possibility to ignore and not submit to sales channels as they are not valid for tracking. - 19 March, 2019
changelogNewBox ParcelForce
CN23 for Parcelforce.Added new service config item for printing CN23. - 19 March, 2019
changelogUpdateBox Shipping
Warning message for missing properties on RM CN22.The error message will appear when CN22 values are missing. - 5 March, 2019
changelogUpdateBox Generic Label CN22
Generic CN22 font. New Charmonman Regular font will turn text into a signature and user will not have to sign every CN22 form manually. - 5 March, 2019
changelogUpdateBox Deutsche Post
Updated the logic to format the address. - 5 March, 2019
changelogNewBox Walmart
Walmart Listing Image Retrieval Errors.Added listing retry when images are not loaded on Walmart. - 5 March, 2019
changelogNewBox Query Data Scripts
Created two new reports for scrapped items: 'Scrap Items Export' 'Scrap Items Export by Location' - 5 March, 2019


changelogNewBox Shipping - Deutsche Post
Added new Deutsche Post integration. - 20 February, 2019
changelogUpdateBox Mapping Sync
Amazon Inventory Mapping Sync. Added ability for Amazon Download Listings to run when the channel is disabled. Download Listings button is enabled when the channel is disabled. - 20 February, 2019
changelogNewBox Process Order
Order Id column in Batch Audit. Added new Order Id column to Product Details > Audit Log > Batch Audit screen for all new orders processed. - 20 February, 2019
changelogUpdateBox Query Data Scripts
Optimisation of the Query Data Reports: 'Order item return, resend, refund - Details' and 'Order item resend - Grouped by Reason Category' - 20 February, 2019
changelogUpdateBox Query Data Scripts
Added new column for the Data Query reports and 'Purchase Order Items' and 'Purchase Order Items by Status and Date' Query Data reports . - 20 February, 2019
changelogUpdateBox Royal Mail OBA
IP4 Shipping Service. Added new shipping service for Royal Mail OBA. - 5 February, 2019
changelogUpdateBox Royal Mail OBA
Additional ways to submit Tariff Codes and Country of Manufacture. Added additional option to user Config, Service Config and order Extended Properties for HSTariffCode and CountryofOrigin. - 5 February, 2019
changelogUpdateBox Royal Mail Service
Cancel Label Limited. Changed the logic how cancelled labels are counted. If a label is printed and cancelled, the cancelled count is increased by 1. If a label is printed again for the same order id system decrease the cancelled count by 1. - 5 February, 2019
changelogUpdateBox Shipping - ParcelForce
Changed the way the cancel label feature works by allowing labels to be cancelled when they can't be found on the parcel force system. - 5 February, 2019
changelogUpdateBox Invoice
Added invoice payments through Stripe using unified payment control. - 5 February, 2019
changelogUpdateBox Listings
Added ability to remove variation child items from existing eBay listings by removing it from the variation group in Linnworks and revising the listing template. - 5 February, 2019
changelogNewBox Listings
Auto-match if Edit or Create Template for Existing PBSE Catalogs. Added ability to execute auto-match when listing created or edited from my inventory or from configurators window. - 5 February, 2019


changelogUpdateBox Shipping - DHL
Added config item for requesting archive documents for DHL Express. - 23 January, 2019
changelogUpdateBox Shipping - ParcelForce
Added SPR - ParcelRider Plus service to Parcelforce. Added new user config to pass VAT number and Terms of Delivery to Parcelforce Commercial Invoice - 23 January, 2019
changelogUpdateBox Shipping - UPS
Added automatic removal for all non-digit characters on the Phone field. - 23 January, 2019
changelogUpdateBox Shipping - Royal Mail OBA
Added Printed Papers services for OSA and OTC and ZC1 service to OBA integration. - 23 January, 2019
changelogUpdateBox Shipping - MetaPack
dded new config item for URL of MetaPack service. - 23 January, 2019