This page contains key information on new features and improvements of Linnworks for the year 2020.

June 2020

changelogUpdateBox Shipping - Royal Mail OBA and Royal Mail Tracked
You can now add a safeplace message into order notes. This note will then be printed on Royal Mail shipping labels with the safeplace logo. More details here. - 19 June, 2020
changelogUpdateBox BigCommerce Listing Tool
It is now possible to add custom fields when listing products to BigCommerce. More details here. - 1 June, 2020

May 2020

changelogUpdateBox Stock Item Audit Trail
It is now possible to check audit entries for when an item has been set to tracked/not tracked in My Inventory > Item Product Details > Audit Log > Audit Trail. - 22 May, 2020
changelogUpdateBox Shipping - Royal Mail OBA and Royal Mail Tracked
Improvements to the Royal Mail registration wizard and configuration launched. - 19 May, 2020
changelogNewBox Open Orders Beta
You can now allocate batched items to orders both automatically and manually in the Open Orders Beta screen. Full details here. - 14 May, 2020
changelogUpdateBox Open Orders Beta
Improved the scrolling through the Open Orders Beta screen. - 14 May, 2020
changelogUpdateBox Import & Export Data
Imports and exports schedule's start and end times are now displayed in the local timezone. - 14 May, 2020
changelogNewBox Import Data
Added new delete type imports: Delete Images (All), Delete Images (Primary), Delete Images (Non Primary). Use these imports to deleted all images from items or primary/secondary ones exclusively. - 12 May, 2020
changelogNewBox Fruugo Listing Tool Beta
Fruugo listing tool is now available in the open BETA. Full details on how to use the tool are here. - 12 May, 2020
changelogNewBox eBay
eBay Channel Mapping screen now allows striking off eBay listings and cancelling pending relist status for them. Full details here. - 11 May, 2020
changelogUpdateBox Extract Inventory
The resolution of the images saved from the Extract Inventory tool has been improved. Images from eBay listings are now saved in a bigger size in Extract Inventory, instead of the smaller size used for those images before. - 7 May, 2020
changelogUpdateBox Import Data
Product counting logic for imports has been improved. - 7 May, 2020

changelogNewBox eBay
eBay channel integration now has a new setting Handle By Time. You can use it to set the latest date/time (displayed in the Open Orders screen) that you should ship orders so it arrives within the estimated delivery window. - 5 May, 2020
changelogUpdateBox Magento
Order Download Sync times have been improved for Magento 1 and Magento 2 channel integrations. - 5 May, 2020

April 2020

changelogUpdateBox BigCommerce
Linnworks can now save orders with no shipping details for digital orders. - 27 April, 2020
changelogUpdateBox My Inventory
Updated following Edit Product Details options to be in alphabetical order: packaging groups, extended property types, product identifiers. - 26 April, 2020
changelogNewBox Shipping
Added ability for supported shipping couriers to include Tracking URL in the dispatch email notifications. More details here. - 23 April, 2020
changelogUpdateBox Etsy
Added ability to save personalization text values in Item Additional Info. - 22 April, 2020
changelogUpdateBox Shipping - DPD
Added a restriction for all the shipments to outside EU minimum weight of 100g is set. - 22 April, 2020
changelogUpdateBox Extract Inventory
First gallery image from eBay listing now saved in a bigger size in Extract Inventory, instead of the small size used before for that image. - 19 April, 2020
changelogUpdateBox Listing Tool
All the attribute default values in the Configurator > Attributes are now in the alphabetical order for the Amazon, BigCommerce and Magento channels. - 19 April, 2020
changelogUpdateBox Shipping - Parcelforce
Changed some service names as per Parcelforce request. - 15 April, 2020
changelogUpdateBox Query Data Report
Channel Linking query report now allows to get a list of linked(unlinked) FBA listings, before only list for non-FBA items was available. - 8 April, 2020
changelogUpdateBox Order Book Settings
The batch size maximum limit for printing invoices or shipping labels is set to 50. - 7 April, 2020
changelogUpdateBox eBay Listing
Added ability to remove eBay subtitles in bulk by deleting the extended property with subtitle and revising listings. - 3 April, 2020
changelogUpdateBox Query Data Reports
Added date filters to "Order Refunds by item with shipping as an item" query data report to allow users to pick whether to filter via order date, refund created date or refund actioned date. - 1 April, 2020

March 2020

changelogUpdateBox Linnworks Mobile - Stock Count
Added some changes to Stock Count caching. Full details here. - 30 March, 2020
changelogUpdateBox Walmart
Updated permissions set that is required to use Walmart Features in Linnworks for US integration. - 24 March, 2020
changelogUpdateBox User Permissions - Stock Count
Stock Count is now available not only to admin users but also to secondary users if permission is enabled in the User Management screen in User Permissions > Inventory > Stock Take > View Stock Take - 20 March, 2020
changelogNewBox Apps - SagePay
New SagePay application is available in APPS > Application Store. - 16 March, 2020
changelogUpdateBox Shipping - MyHermes
Added new option to re-authorise access token for myHermes account from the config. - 13 March, 2020
changelogUpdateBox Shipping - Collect Group
Added new shipping integration - Collect Group. - 12 March, 2020
changelogNewBox Amazon
Linnworks now supports listing creation on Amazon NL. - 12 March, 2020
changelogUpdateBox Order Settings
New eBay product identifiers are added to already existing identifiers is Settings > General Settings > Order Settings. - 9 March, 2020
changelogNewBox eBay

Added 2 new settings to eBay Channel Integration > Orders:

  • Cancellation notes: if enabled, Linnworks will send order cancellation notes to your sales channel once the order is partially or fully cancelled
  • Allow automated cancellations: if enabled, Linnworks will automatically cancel orders in Linnworks that were cancelled by the buyer on eBay side. - 3 March, 2020

February 2020

changelogUpdateBox Processing Orders
Added additional check. It is now not possible to change the shipping vendor within the Process Order screen without cancelling any existing shipping labels. - 28 February, 2020
changelogUpdateBox Shipping - Amazon Shipping
Added additional check to ensure that cancelled labels are not included to the manifest. - 27 February, 2020
changelogUpdateBox Shipping - Royal Mail OBA
Users are now allowed to print manifest before it's been filed. - 27 February, 2020
changelogUpdateBox Listing Variations
Listing Template > Variations. All the fields are now editable for eBay and Amazon variations (except title for eBay). - 26 February, 2020
changelogNewBox My Inventory
Added ability to download inventory list with product details into a CSV file from My Inventory screen. Please Note! Currently, this function is in beta. - 26 February, 2020
changelogUpdateBox Shipping - Royal Mail OBA
Customs Data Validation. Linnworks does submit customs data for all shipments including EU. - 20 February, 2020
changelogNewBox Squarespace
Added new channel integration for Squarespace. - 18 February, 2020
changelogUpdateBox Shipping - Royal Mail OBA
Added new service option Custom Barcode available for non-tracked International services. - 13 February, 2020
changelogUpdateBox FNAC
Price Change feature is now available for FNAC integration and channel-specific price changes made in Linnworks will be automatically submitted to the live listing. - 5 February, 2020

January 2020

changelogNewBox Amazon
Added ability to integrate 2 new Amazon market places Netherlands (NL) and Singapore (SG). Please Note! Listing not yet supported for these marketplaces. - 28 January, 2020
changelogUpdateBox Volusion
Added ability to download clients emails and order comments from the channel. - 21 January, 2020
changelogNewBox Shopify
Shopify now handles the assigned fulfilment locations to match order download location. Orders with multiple locations will leave a note: "Order Contains Multiple Shopify Fulfillment Locations, You might need to split this order" - 20 January, 2020
changelogNewBox Linnworks Mobile
Added ability to print stock item labels during Stock In and to edit and save tracking number in Despatch Console.  - 20 January, 2020
changelogNewBox eBay
Added 2 new checkboxes Use Channel Tax Settings for US and AUS transaction site IDs. It is now possible to decide whether Linnworks will calculate paid tax or whether to use the channel tax amounts. - 10 January, 2020
changelogUpdateBox Shipping - Deutsche Post
Added ability to download the .csv file with the stipulated list of loading from > Shipping > Integrations > Deutsche Post > Config. - 17 January, 2020
changelogUpdateBox Shipping - Deutsche Post
Improved calculations used to determine package weight for Deutsche Post. - 14 January, 2020
changelogUpdateBox Shipping - GFS
Added validation for DHL via GFS for Company Name. - 14 January, 2020
changelogNewBox My Inventory
Added new Drag & Drop import type for Stock Levels. - 14 January, 2020
changelogNewBox eBay
Added 2 new checkboxes Use Channel Tax Settings for US and AUS transaction site IDs. It is now possible to decide whether Linnworks will calculate paid tax or whether to use the channel tax amounts. - 10 January, 2020
changelogNewBox Shipping - One World Express 
Added new shipping integration for a UK-based cross-border express carrier. - 7 January, 2020