Application Store Overview

The Application Store is designed to showcase applications built by 3rd party developers that extend the functionality of your Linnworks system. For instance, by integrating new sales channels, shipping integrations or mobile mobile applications designed to streamline your warehouse workflow. Each application offered has a short documentation page, see Available Applications, that give an overview of the application, but all support is handled by the application developers. By using these applications, you are agreeing to the Application Store Terms and Conditions.

Accessing the Application Store

The Application Store can be accessed by navigating to Apps  > Application Store  . Please note that this screen can only be accessed by users who are Super Admins on the account.

Application Store Screen Overview


  •  Home: use this option to return to the main Application Store screen, removing any filters or searches
  •  Search: use this option to search based on text entered in the search box
  •  Filters: use this to set filters to display apps based on categories such as application type or functionality. The text of this button will change depending on how many filters are set
  •  My Apps: clicking this will show all applications installed on this Linnworks account
  •  Settings: Clicking this will display general application store options, such as currency

 Grid View

All applications that match any filters or search terms will be displayed in the main grid view. Each application will have the following information:

  • Type: This will be one of; Embedded Application, Mobile Application, Shipping Integration, System Integration
  • Logo: The logo for the application provided by the application developer
  • Name: The name of the application
  • Description: The description of the applications function, as supplied by the application developer
  • Number of installations: The number of current installations of the application
  • Rating: The average rating based on all users who have left a review of the application
  • Cost: Applications that have paid subscriptions will show their lowest paid rate. Please note that some applications do not use the Linnworks payment gateway and will have either a one off or recurring charge that is handled external to Linnworks
    • Applications that are installed and offer multiple subscription plans will display a Change Plan button, allowing you to subscribe to a different plan

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