Application Store

The APPS section houses the Linnworks Applications available for that have been developed to enhance the functionality already offered by Linnworks. There are two sections: 'Application Store' (all available applications) and 'My Applications' (applications that are installed on your account)

 Application Store

The Application store in allows developers to showcase 3rd party add-ons to Linnworks that enhance the functionality already offered by Linnworks.

These applications are not part of the core functionality of Linnworks and as such, therefore technical support is unavailable for applications from the store. All questions relating to the 3rd Party applications in the store will need to be directed towards the developer or supplier of the application.

For more details on the Application Store screen and using it to click here

 My Applications 

My Applications section accommodates your Embedded and Native applications installed in your account, these are applications that have their own screen within and can be accessed from this menu.
All installed applications (including embedded and native as well) will be found in Application Store > 'My Apps' such that you can also see which external / mobile applications that are installed 

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