Stock forecasting software for retailers.

No more overstocking or stockouts. Know exactly how much inventory you need and when you need it to meet customer demand.

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Accurate stock forecasting

Take the guesswork out of demand forecasting.

Gone are the days of spreadsheet chaos and customers complaining about out-of-stock or delayed orders. Insightful and actionable inventory forecasts ensure that businesses have greater control of their inventory, allowing for businesses to make better business decisions.

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Forecast demand accurately with real-time data

Use your historical sales data, track seasonal trends and analyze similar products to forecast and replenish your stock in time so you don’t miss out on any revenue opportunity.

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Avoid stockouts and prevent overstocking

Know exactly when you need to buy extra inventory – based on forecasted sales, lead time, and your desired stock cover days.

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Save time spent in error-prone spreadsheets

Our accurate stock forecasting allows you to manage all of your inventory within Linnworks, allowing you to spend less time in spreadsheets and more time on growing your business.

Inventory forecasting 

Be in full control from one platform. 

Key functionality includes: 

  • Plan how much stock you need on a per SKU basis, based on consumption data, seasonality, demand, on-hand quantity and supplier lead time. 
  • Manually specify or use a pre-calculated daily average consumption figure.
  • Manually adjust or upload the seasonality and demand on a per-weekly basis to increase accuracy of forecasts. 
  • Utilize the average daily consumption from the current or a similar SKU. 
  • Manually specify a default reorder quantity on a per-SKU basis. 
  • Be one step ahead of demand by setting the amount of days you wish to have on-hand stock for. 
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Streamline your inventory operations 

Manage purchase orders and suppliers all in one platform.

Leverage replenishment recommendations to inform purchasing decisions.

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Purchase orders made simple

Easily view which items need to be re-ordered, then create Purchase Orders in just a few clicks.

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Automate the purchase order process to avoid stock outs

Replenish inventory when your set optimal levels get low. 

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Manage suppliers all in one place

Align one or many suppliers with individual products and set a default supplier for each product. Set default lead times for each supplier for each product. 

In-depth reporting 

Make data-driven decisions using stock forecasting. 

Gain actionable insights for your business at a glance, or export the data to CSV.

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At a glance 

Visualize forecasted seller
trends and see which products need re-ordering, See the historical consumption and forecast in one view.

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Export your data

Via CSV easily to access your
inventory data as well as the PO details elsewhere.

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Now commerce connects

See how Linnworks can help grow your business.

Connect and automate your commerce operations with Linnworks to capture every revenue opportunity.

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