Customer Success Stories

Watch the videos below to see what our customers have to say about Linnworks, and the positive impact that it has had on their businesses.


Velocity Outlet

“We initially thought it would require a huge investment to have a stock management system in place, in order to control our inventory across eBay, Amazon, Rakuten and other marketplaces across Europe. Now that we've found Linnworks we can do this very simply and it's enabled us to do things that we thought only large businesses could do.”
Eddie Latham, Owner

Superfood Maket

“Linnworks has been paramount in our inventory control. We have 7,000 products at any one time and they come from 4,000 different manufacturers. To try and keep on top of that would be a job for a team of people full time, and would phenomenally slow down the rate at which we acquire and turn that stock over. Linnworks does everything for us and makes it a lot easier.”
Gemma Price, Co-Founder


“Linnworks has been fantastic. It allowed me to keep track of all my online items and sell it all over the world nice and easily. It integrates with eBay, Amazon, our web-site, Royal Mail – and that seamless integration has made my life an awful lot easier. ”
Jason Grimwood, Managing Director

Monster Group

“A lot of the challenges the company faces are how to ship items out to the customer while offering the most cost-effective service. This is where Linnworks comes into the equation. It manages our stock for us so that we can keep accurate stock levels, and also integrates with numerous couriers meaning we can keep that tight control of our costs and pass them on to our customers.”
Darren Yates, Operations Manager


“One thing that I’ve learned is that operations means so much to online retail business. If you don’t have that process behind the sale then I think you’ll lose the sale, you’ll lose profit and money and you’ll find it hard to monitor and be efficient around that. Linnworks helps us work smarter, and not harder.”
Gareth Halford, Managing Director

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