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Linnworks product tours: Accelerate business growth in 2023 with Linnworks Stock Forecasting.

Commerce is accelerating at a rate most retailers cannot. Stock forecasting enables you to know exactly how much inventory you need and when you need it to meet customer demand.

What's in this product tour?

✔️ Learn how to plan for how much stock you need, based on consumption data, seasonality, demand, on-hand quantity and supplier lead time.

✔️ Discover the key features that Linnworks can offer to become a seamless part of your process.

✔️ Receive insider tips and tricks to make day-to-day processes more efficient for your business

Join Steve Williams, our Pre-Sales Director, and Richard Trust, our Accounts Manager, for an overview of our stock forecasting product, highlighting key features that will help you automate and control your business. It has never been more vital to use data within your platform to make business growth decisions; Stock Forecasting enables retailers to do just this.

Webinar details: 

Title: Accelerate business growth in 2023 with Linnworks Stock Forecasting

Speaker: Richard Trust, Senior Account Manager, Linnworks & Steve Williams, Pre-Sales Director, Linnworks

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