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Linnworks Q3 Product Updates.

Linnworks product release notes Q3

August 2023 Release Notes

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Inventory Management

My Inventory Search Improvements


We've made enhancements to the My Inventory Search. By default, you can search for an item using its SKU, Title, or Barcode without changing any options in the drop-down menu. 

The SKU/ Title/ Barcode search will now show you all the SKUs that have a partial match with any of these three parameters. If you use multiple words as your search phrase, like "Laptop Brown," the search will return items that have both "Laptop" and "Brown" in their information, regardless of the order. So, "Brown Laptop" will give you the same results as "Laptop Brown”. Click here for further details.

Order Management

Fulfilment Networks


With this new functionality, you can improve efficiency and ship orders faster through order routing automation.

When working with open orders, you can submit multiple orders to the fulfillment network of your choice, and the system will route orders to the appropriate fulfillment locations based on stock availability.

You can also configure automation rules to make the system automatically determine which orders need to be routed to respective fulfillment networks. Discover more here.

Dispatch Console


The Dispatch Console screen in has been updated with the same functionality available in Linnworks Mobile, making processing and marking orders as dispatched faster and easier. A lockable search feature has also been added to make it easy to find the correct orders to process quickly. You can lock the search by tote or view and you can then search by order ID, item barcode or tray. Find out more here.


Back Market & Backship


Grow your business with Back Market, the leading online marketplace dedicated to refurbished devices. Our new Back Market integration now has Listing and Backship functionality. Find out more here. If you’re already selling on Back Market and would like to become a beta tester, simply raise a support ticket and the team will follow up with instructions.



Shipmate allows you to request and print Shipping Labels quickly and easily, directly through Linnworks. As Shipmate is a multi-carrier platform, it is one integration point for many carriers, eliminating the need for time, investment and the technical headache. If you are looking to quickly integrate Linnworks with one or more carriers, Shipmate is a great solution. The Linnworks and Shipmate integration is now available in the app store.



ShipSpot is a cutting-edge multi-carrier integration software designed to streamline shipping operations for eCommerce businesses. Their AI-driven platform connects online retailers seamlessly with multiple carriers, simplifying the entire shipping process from order processing to label generation and delivery tracking. If you are looking to quickly integrate Linnworks with one or more carriers, ShipSpot is a great solution. The Linnworks and ShipSpot integration is now available in the app store.



With the EasyPost integration, Linnworks users can connect to hundreds of new couriers, utilising advanced rate shopping capabilities across carriers and APIs for real-time tracking, address verification and parcel insurance. Discover more here.

July 2023 Release Notes

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ADF Multibox


ADF (Amazon Direct Fulfilment) customers can now create multiple boxes for 1 SKU item by splitting a package. For example it can be used for bulky items with multiple parts, such as furniture. If you want access to this feature, please open a support ticket including a reference to ADF integration.

Amazon Shipping Multiple Collection Slots


Amazon Shipping now allows multiple collections a day which will help reduce any possible delays and risks with parcels. Linnworks will receive and support the collections schedule data from Amazon accounts. Make sure your collections schedule is set up in your Amazon account and the collections configurations remain empty in Linnworks. Find out more here.


Mail Handling International (MHI)


With 112 direct carrier contracts, 15,384 delivery routes, and access to 252 countries and territories, MHI helps retailers deliver to a global marketplace. With a host of delivery options, including DTP & DAP, you’ll get the ease of a single carrier, with the power of dozens. The Linnworks and MHI integration is now available in the app store.

DMSMatrix Shipping


DMSMatrix Shipping offers a comprehensive shipping solution for sellers. With a seamless process, sellers can ship a variety of goods, including normal items, built-in battery products, and hazardous goods. The platform streamlines order processing and provides effortless label generation. Sellers can rely on DMSMatrix for timely and reliable deliveries, ensuring customer satisfaction. The Linnworks and DMSMatrix Shipping integration is now available in the app store.


New API Documentation


We have officially launched new API documentation. Developers now have access to our up-to-date and modern documentation. Take a look here.

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