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Linnworks Q2 Product Updates.

Linnworks product release notes Q2

April 2023 Release Notes

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Amazon BOPIS


You can now improve customer satisfaction by offering the option to pick up products purchased on Amazon from your offline store. This convenient and flexible buyer experience can all be managed within Find out more about Amazon BOPIS here.

Magento 2 - Channel Initiated Cancellations


A cancellation initiated by the buyer or the seller on Magento 2 will automatically cancel the corresponding order in Linnworks if it’s an open order. The order will be moved from Open Orders to the Processed Orders screen, and reserved stock will be released.


The Range


Expand your home & garden business and reach new customers with the Range and Linnworks channel integration.

  • Access 45 million active home and garden consumers by selling on the Range, a highly recognised UK retailer with 30+ years of brand awareness.
  • Free up your time by streamlining key tasks such as automatically pushing and synching product listings and any updates from Linnworks to The Range.

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Order Management

Open Orders Speed Performance


Open Orders search has been improved by 73% due to recent work and updates, meaning you’ll be able to search for orders much quicker. This is one of many improvements being worked on for Open Orders and there’s much more to come!

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