As a Shopify Plus Technology Partner, Linnworks facilitates a seamless integration between the two eCommerce solutions. Together, we enable mid to enterprise level businesses to sell better by improving their operating processes and creating more freedom in their organisations

How Linnworks and Shopify Plus helped Flatspot, together
In 2016, Flatspot hit a ceiling with both its previous eCommerce solutions.

In 2016, Flatspot, a leading online destination for men’s contemporary fashion, hit a ceiling with both of its previous eCommerce solutions.

The limitations of the inventory management system were stifling the team’s growth and efficiency, while an on-site security attack meant that the leading menswear retailer could no longer trust or use its previous eCommerce platform.

The result? A swift move to Linnworks followed by a seamless integration with Shopify Plus.

Since implementing both eCommerce solutions, the Linnworks and Shopify Plus integration has delivered a number of key benefits for the leading online retailer:

The Flatspot team no longer need to worry about monitoring or fixing security attacks as Shopify Plus is a hosted solution that controls this side of the business.
Better business processes
Several manual tasks have now been automated through Linnworks, which has enabled faster and more accurate order processing, picking and packing.
Cost-effective growth
Flatspot has become so efficient that its staff have more free time to focus on other areas of the business, saving the company thousands on staffing costs each year.
Linnworks and Shopify Plus work together seamlessly.
Together, Linnworks and Shopify Plus help leading online retailers to sell better by equipping them with reliable and secure systems that enable growth and efficiency.