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In the new effortless economy, brands need to be available wherever their customers want to shop to capture every selling opportunity.  

As shopping platforms evolve to offer more ways to sell, this presents significant opportunities for retailers to put their products in front of more and more shoppers.

In the Linnworks Total Commerce Guide to Growth, discover the biggest opportunities to expand your selling channels, what the benefits and challenges of each channel are, and how these ever-expanding range of commerce channels can fit together to drive your sales growth and customer loyalty.

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  • the ever-growing opportunity with marketplaces, the benefits and challenges of this selling channel, and how to build the right marketplace strategy to complement your brand experience
  • why selling direct-to-consumer should still be at the core of your customer journey, and how a unique consumer experience can drive growth and customer loyalty
  • how to get started with social commerce and why this is the perfect test-and-learn selling channel to expand your customer base, and how these platforms are driving new innovations to engage audiences
  • why selling to consumers is not the only option for building your customer base, and how developments in B2B ecommerce can provide a significant opportunity for your brand and products

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