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Download Linnworks’ 2022 Prime Day Infographic to discover:

  • Key milestones you need to hit to prepare for Prime Day
  • Tips on Prime Day marketing strategies
  • Tips on Prime Day inventory, pricing, and listing

Prime Day is one of the biggest selling days in Ecommerce. Linnworks wants to make sure that you're prepared to capitalize on this opportunity.

Prime Day 2022 Infographic

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Get Prime Day Ready

From product listings and pricing for Prime Day sales to inventory and warehouse deadlines, get Prime Day ready.

Prime Day 2021 processed $11.9 billion in sales last year and is arguable the biggest Ecommerce selling day.

Before that day hits, every year, Amazon sellers are faced with questions like when to stock their warehouses, what are the cutoff dates, what are the listing best practices and the list goes on.

Is your business ready for Prime Day? Get specifics on when you should have your inventory to your FBA warehouses, Amazon's promotional tools for Prime Day, marketing strategies and more.

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Download our Prime Day 2022 Infographic and get ready for one of the biggest ecommerce selling days.

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