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We get it — you’re busy. But now is the time to finalize your strategy for a successful 2022 holiday season.

And we should expect a busy one: After historically strong retail growth in 2021, the holiday season is expected to see continued growth this year. Customer expectations have also continued to increase. The big retail winners will be those that make the shopping experience convenient, engaging and effortless.

Preparing for the holiday season requires you to focus on the entire customer journey for a seamless shopping experience. Modern customers are a moving target — literally. Journeys start and stop across devices and can involve direct sites, marketplaces and social. Consumers are crystal-clear on what they expect. Retailers that are convenient to deal with will be prioritized over those that aren’t. Brands that are easy to shop with will win a greater share of wallet as customers spend more and make impulse purchases.

The key is to have a 360-degree view of customers, connecting the dots between channels, platforms and devices, so they are offered an experience that delights.

We’ve created this playbook to help you prepare now so you can enjoy a successful holiday season with key action items to prepare for the holidays.

Get the 2022 Holiday Playbook

Download the Playbook

Download the Playbook

Get the Holiday Retail Playbook for the Effortless Economy and Discover:

  • How to connect with your customers where they are in modern ecommerce
  • How to simplify and automate your ecommerce operations with inventory and order management
  • How to manage shipping and returns this holiday season with automation software
  • How to keep up with customer expectations to increase customer loyalty

Get the Holiday Playbook for the Effortless Economy

Download the Playbook

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