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Savor the taste of a connected commerce operation

Frustrated with the challenges of seasonality and the race against time to ship fresh products?

You need Linnworks.

Simplify your commerce operation with a platform that gives you visibility of your inventory and orders across all your sales channels. No more stock-outs, overselling or underselling. Take the heat off peak seasons, keep your customers satisfied, and make every season your best one yet.

Forecast accurately and confidently

Unpredictable spikes in order volume and the demands of seasonal surges giving you a headache? Our software is your secret sauce to managing seasonal demand effectively. Get ahead of the game with accurate forecasting tools and responsive, real-time inventory management that can scale with your needs.

Accurate, reliable inventory data

Overstocks spoil your bottom line. Out-of-stock situations leave customers unhappy. Our real-time inventory sync feature ensures your data is always up-to-date across all sales channels. No more stock discrepancies or bad data. Just accurate inventory that keeps your business as fresh as your products.

Process orders faster

We get it. Time-consuming workflows kill productivity. Our software streamlines your operations and automates repetitive tasks so your team can fulfill orders faster than ever. Whip your processes into shape, accelerate order fulfillment, and serve up success on a silver platter.

Smarter inventory rotation

Worried about wasting inventory due to overlooked expiry dates? With our Batch Tracking and FEFO/FIFO features, automatically track the expiry dates of your products and prioritize the dispatch of older inventory to reduce waste.


Learn how Wholefoods Online automated their warehouse operations

“Pickwaves were a breath of fresh air in the way that it allocates stock and allowed us to gain greater control and efficiency over our warehouse operations. Now the jobs that we’d employ someone to do for a whole day are automated with Linnworks, saving us time and overhead.”