Linnworks Pricing Page 2019

Update to Linnworks pricing.
User-based or order-based. Your choice.

May 28, 2019.

A week ago, we announced that Linnworks was moving all our customers to a new ‘order-based’ pricing model in 3 months’ time.

The feedback that we have received from many of you over the past seven days has made us think hard about the way that we introduced the new pricing plans. As a result, we have decided to make some changes.

User-based or order-based. It’s your choice.

As an existing Linnworks customer, you now have the choice to remain on your current ‘user-based’ plan, or move to one of the new ‘order-based’ plans.

1) Stay on your current plan – If you choose to stay on your current ‘user-based’ plan then nothing changes for you, the monthly or annual price and all your product features will be the same. You also have our guarantee that we will maintain your price at the same level for the next two years, with any rise in the third year no greater than 20%.

2) Move to a new ‘order-based’ plan – If you wish to move to one of our new ‘order-based’ plans (see here), then log in to your Linnworks account and select one of the new plans in the subscription page.

What do you need to do?

If you want to stay on your current ‘user-based’ plan then you don't need to take any action. By default, you will remain on your current plan.

If you're not sure whether to change plan, we are here to help guide your decision and find the right plan for you. Email us at or chat here.

Thank you for your feedback.

I must hold my hand up and say that we mishandled the introduction of this important step for Linnworks. It was done for the right reasons and in the long-term interests of our customers, but short-term, we didn’t take enough account of our customers’ differing business situations and needs. We need to listen more and understand you better.
Callum Campbell - CEO, Linnworks
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If you have any pricing questions, or need any help, then please email us at or use the chat button below.
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Ideal for sites who want to proactively start conversations with prospects


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1000 Inclusive Orders
14p per additional order
Multichannel Order Management
Automation & Error Prevention
Centralised Stock Control
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Ideal for smaller teams who want to capture and distribute leads to their reps


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3500 Inclusive Orders
12p per additional order
Advanced User Permissions
Custom Reporting
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+ Everything in Standard
Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to do anything to stay on the user-based plan?

No. By default, you will remain on your existing plan, and keep your current monthly or annual pricing and features.

How long can I stay on my current user-based plan for?

You have our guarantee that you can remain on your user-based plan for the next two years without a price increase and with any rise in the third year being no greater than 20%.

Do I still get an annual discount on my current user-based plan?

Yes. If you are on our annual user-based plan, then you will still receive your annual discount.

Can I move from a monthly user-based plan to an annual user-based plan?

Yes. You can still switch between monthly and annual pricing. Everything in your current user-based plan will stay the same.

What happens if I have already moved to a loyalty plan?

If you are happy with your new plan you do not need to take any action. If you are considering reverting back to your original user-based plan and would like to discuss your options, you will need to get in touch with us directly at or via our live chat above.

Can I revert back to my original user-based plan?

Yes. You will need to get in touch with us directly at or via our live chat above.

How many orders do I get if I move back to the user-based plan?

If you move back to your previous user-based plan, all previous product features will remain the same, including unlimited orders.

Are we continuing with our community plan?

Yes. If you are happy with your current community plan you do not need to take any action. If you would like to discuss your options regarding the user-based or new loyalty plans, please get in touch with us directly at or via our live chat above.

If I move across to a loyalty plan can I add more users immediately?

Yes. You need to resubscribe fully to the new plan via checkout and will be able to add additional users as soon as checkout is complete. You will not be asked for payment at checkout, this will continue as usual on your next scheduled payment date.

Are the payment options for the new loyalty plans the same as the user-based plans?

Yes. Monthly subscriptions can be paid by credit or debit card and annual subscriptions can be paid either by card or BACS.

As an existing customer, how will Linnworks address the loss in trust this pricing increase has created?

We value all of our customers and will continue to listen to any feedback we receive. We want to reassure you that the user-based pricing plans will not increase over the next two years as we help you and your business sell better.